Alexandros Djkevingr ()

Deep House, Tech-House

Made in Sweden but his origins are Greek.
Developed a strange love about electronic music since an infant.
Main influences were The PRODIGY, Chemical Brothers, Fatboy Slim & MOBY.
In 2k01 played for the first time in front of a crowd & since that has given gigs in some of the biggest clubs all around Greece & Europe.
One of the founding members of InsomniaFm & had residencies on the leading scenes of Thessaloniki & Rhodes.

Likes to mix several loops & effects @ once while spinnin' & started experimenting his own productions during 2k11.
His tracks have been played in the biggest events & festivals worldwide including the main stage of Tomorrowland.
Under the umbrella of House music but never afraid to take a risk to reach new levels & grounds.
Believes a day without music is a day wasted. Music is above names & moves you emotionally in every path of your life.


The Ataman
THE album

« »

Ataman Live
INC. album

« amazing album. full support !! »

Igor Pumphonia
Go Gentle

« nice music but not my style. thanx a lot !! »

The Ataman
Side B EP

« the whole EP is a fire !! Thanx »

Yini Yini EP

« nice!! Thank u »

EtzoWynd & ARROY
All Life

« not for me. thanx »

Aujino & NuKam

« not for me.thanx »


« not for me. thanx »

Hands Up (Original Mix)

« not for me. thanx »