Analog People (Glider,Software,DOT .)

Hardcore, Indie Dance, Dub, Downtempo, Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, Prog-House, Electro-House, Tech-House, House, Trance, Minimal, Techno, , Hip Hop, Breaks, Drum & Bass

Eleclove Aka Analog People is a masterful west of Madrid, from an early acquired a particular skill with instruments, first with the keyboard and then string instruments such as the guitar and bass which share various experiences in punk bands and especially rock.

From a young age he has grown up with in a home where there was a very open musical musical culture, styles such as rock, funk and classical music wrapped his ears. Another great aficcion was electronics, 8 years old and riding kits, radios and amplifiers and repaired, but later became one of his profession, now owns the company repairs musical Synthdamage Hardware, specializing in old units where it has high reputation.

His style has always been marked by the darker, electro and techno cuts, acid techno and have always been his favorite styles, but also played styles like hardtechno. Regarding production began making tracks in private, his first Hardware was a Roland G 600, which was his father and where he began to have contact with sequencers and effects in the year 1997-1998

In 2009 track begins publishing under the pseudonym Eleclove for labels as Capsula Records, Sasha Carassi, also published on other labels. Towards 2011 record with Pong Musiq as Analog People where using analog synthesizers and other instruments, on Dub Techno and Detroit sounds open spiral dominates, and becomes ever present in his sets and productions styles. During the last years more than 170 tracks and an album, also made several rmx for major artists like HD Substance, Ben Sims Ambrose Mark Aubrey and Stephen Brown. He has published his track vinyl on various labels, and records Dot with Aubrey, Ben Sims and Stephen Brown

In 2011 founded his own label, Glider Records, reliving great support, 21 release are published in a year in the same Label. It also begins to board directing Software HD Substance Records, founded in 2004 and is highly regarded worldwide.

In 2014 published the reference Faces Anonimas n 1, as Glider Records label, which contains a message against cancer, joining great artist like Victor Santana, HD Substance, Aubrey, Mark Ambrose, Discknocked, Oruezabal Iñigo, Javier Orduna, Backspin Boys Atabey, Kwartz, Xpansul, Radio Transmission, Rob Maguire, Count Zero, NAM, Ignacio, Lars Leonhard, Rafa Esquin, Raszia and Randoom

Definitely a multidisciplinary passion coined this musico Southwest Madrid.


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