Beethoven TBS ()

Hip Hop, Breaks, Techno, Minimal, Trance, House, Tech-House, Electro-House, Prog-House, Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, Downtempo, Dub, Indie Dance, Hardcore, Drum & Bass

DJ, speaker & producer, Beethoven TBS (TBS stays for The Black Soul) is a child of house music. He began his career in 1987 in a local radio station and since then he has never abandoned microphone and dj booth. Official DJ for Gruppo Finelco (Radio 105, RMC, Virgin Radio, three of the most important national broadcasting radios in Italy) events from 2006 to 2011, manager of important labels as AUZ! Muzik, TBS Recordings, Los Cigarros Music, Spaghetti Phunk Records, Beethoven TBS since a long time is also dj resident (and co-owner) of Fashion Club Milano. Among his best known productions there are “Your Love”, “The Funky Song and ”E Divento DJ”, released as AUZ! project. Born and bread in Bari, he has been living in Milano for many years. In his performances, in addition to big dose of house music, he always delivers tracks of other kinds of music, as r’n’b, hip hop and rock.


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