Göran Meyer ()

Downtempo, Dub, Electronica / Downtempo, Minimal, Techno, House, Indie Dance, Tech-House, Deep House


Originally from Magdeburg, the producer and DJ Göran Meyer discovered his affinity for electronic music and the party culture at the legendary Love Parade in Berlin. Motivated by his first impressions and following experiences with the electronic community in and around Berlin, Göran started several successful events in Magdeburg with Acts such as members of the Tresor Crew, 1040 Leipzig, Strezzkids, Bill Youngman, Markus Welby, the Cannibal Cooking Club or Hanno Hinkelbein.
Back in 2005 when he was a vinyl-only-dj he became a producer and his music was even played by well known stars such as Richie Hawtin. Göran also faced special challenges. That’s why the brand JOOP! also uses his sound.
The normally ceased and introverted Göran is developing into someone who drops dry and direct bass and straight sound on his listeners to develop a unique and deep atmosphere for his listeners. And he doesn’t manage to stand still while doing this, which makes him proud until today.


1. Göran Meyer & Friends _ Butterfly Collection ( Balushi )

2. Göran Meyer / Lukas Edler _ Secret Room EP ( Heimlich-Audio )

3. Göran Meyer _ Maschinerie der Polarlandschaft ( Heimlich-Audio )

4. Ivo Deutschmann & Sebastian Weiske _ Raindrops ( Goeran Meyer Remix ) ( Spielgold )


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