Mikkael ()
United Kingdom

Tech-House, House, Deep House

French born house music producer and Dj, based in Bristol, UK. Mikkaël has been signed by notorious labels such as: Replay, Lingo, Homesick, Trendy Mullet, Dustpan, GreenHouse and Kolour Recordings and has been remixed by notorious artists including: Kinky Movement, RTHM, Jonn Hawley, Tommy Largo, Jay West, Sun city Hustlers, Jr From Dallas and the Quirk Burglars to name a few...
Mikkaël has been resident in Bristol from 2007 until 2012 with the Notorious Duvet Gang who produces the infamous Duvet Vous? nights in Bristol for the past decade.
He's as well the other half of "Hits and Kicks" a co-prodution project with his Portugues friend, Sergio Guiomar.
Mikkaël loves honest people, true people, passionate people, free parties, Apple Mac, Logic, Ableton Live, good wine, good food, the sunny days, the rainy days (essential in UK), the after parties, the days after, the day before, the freedom, the smiley faces of happy people, the person who comes and says thank you for the music, the person who offers you a cup of tea when you are DJing, respectful people... and most of all his daughters, for the sunshine they bring everyday...

contact: mikkael@housedistillery.com



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How Gee

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King Joshua
Professional Widow

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From Island To Island

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The New Wave

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Fred H
Sound Factory Tales

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David Duriez presents The Tactical Breakbeat Agency
The Tactical Breakbeat Agency

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Beholder Remixes

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Tr-Meet & Daan
Get Louder

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