Paul Mac ()
United Kingdom

Techno, House, Tech-House, Deep House, Electronica, Dub,

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« Scorpio's theme is going to work on all kinds of floros. Quality stuff thanks »

« Stand Down is the one here. Classy Brown subtle Techno stylings »

« Aspirations definitely will fit into a Zamacona set or two thanks »

« Under Styled is the pick of this bunch for me »

Axiatonal Alignment

« Eagle Nebula is my fave from these but this is s strong EP reminds of the glory years of FNAC label wonderful strings and pads »

Feeling EP

« NGC is the pick here for sure »

G-Prod feat. Aura 1
Fusion EP

« Lovely stuff as usual by the G-prod guys few people do strings as well as them »

« As high a quality as you would expect from Basic Soul Unit digging Thaw and Low Simmer the most from first listen but sounds like all 3 will get some play »

« Quality gear this but that's hardly a surprise considering who's involved :) »