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, Dub, Electronica, Deep House, Prog-House, Electro-House, Tech-House, House, Minimal

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« Will be OK to PLay on our »

Stephen Lopkin
Siete Guitarras

« INteresting at all...Nice! we will play on our Blograma »

« Vale Luis. Sigues teniendo ese toque tan Kevin Saunderson "Inthemmix", hipnótico a la vez que bonito... We will play Under Styled on our Blograma Aún De Repuesto. »

« Techno paisajístico. La vida se parece cada día más a una BSO. Nice Higher ground track. we will play on our Blograma Aún De Repuesto »


« Nice deeptechno dressed like 808State House »

G-Prod feat. Aura 1
Fusion EP

« NIce discovery Influence track. A classical tune »

« Energía electrónica para alcanzar el equilibrio personal en tiempos de KAOS. 17.1 »

« Very pretty production work. We'll play some of them on Our Blograma... »

Cerebro / Marco Bailey / Karim Sahraoui (DJINXX)

« VEry Nice hipnotic loop with beautiful piano sound...i really love that reference & will play on my Blograma. Thanks . »