Ricard (Cinexin/Discogram)

Techno, Breaks, Indie Dance, Downtempo, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Deep House, Electronica, Prog-House, Electro-House, Tech-House, House, Trance, Minimal, Hip Hop, Dub,

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Ahmet Mecnun
Keep Em Dancing

« Marco Remix is for me, thanks »

Luca Draccar
Quo Vadis EP

« i love the 3 songs, this is a really good job, i play for sure, thanks »

Mi Corazón

« its not for my sets but is a cool song »

« i kike it thanks 4 music! »

« Loisan mix for me!!! »

« all mixes are cool but Colin mix and Skyboy are my favourites, thanks »

« Black Ice Rocks!!! »

« Talul mix!!! »

« this is techno!!! »