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Release Date: Dec 31 1969
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Feedback (78):


thanks, downloading for Paul van Dyk

Shock Osugi (Underground City Music, 7 Seas Records, Mistique, WannaB, Overgr)
really edgey stuff

Dj carlos mendes (disko massaka & diskoton)
Dj Generous rmx is the one C.

Flash Brothers

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)
will try Generous Remix

Zacharias Tiempo (Kontact )
Dub for me..

Idacio (RoM/Digitally Imported)
All are well done, original for me and will support!

Danny Lloyd (Sudbeat | Proton | Asymmetric)
Cool ! original and dub. Thanks

Randy Seidman
Diggin this, thanks!

Gai Barone (Afterglow, Perfecto... DI.fm, Frisky, Proton)
dub!!! thanks

Marcelo Méndez (Tunnel FM / Spirit Soul Records)
Dub mix and DJ Generous remix are great! Thanks.

Nikki Flame Jordan
dj Generous mix and dub will try, One Love, Nikki Flame aka N-Tec xxx

Anderson Noise
downloading thanks

Oliver Morgenroth (Hunter & Force Recordings)
dub & original are nice (if only the melody would not be so 100-times-heared)

Abdomen Burst (Armada / Solaris / Proton / Morphosis / Mistique / Silk / Spring)
Nice tech. but actually not for me

Rafy Nieves (Billboard Magazine)
all the package is nice!!

Deersky (Soundteller Records/Proton)
Dub mix for me! thx

Egopunks (Egopunks, re:hab)
Full support the original & Dj Generous mixes

DJ Leon El Ray
very Tension one.Download for DJ Leon El Ray

Garrett S (Digitally Imported, Safari radio, Flooressence recordings)
solid release, thanks

DJ Generous remix great

RJ Pickens (Vested, FloorControl Radio, DI.fm)
Nice release. Dub and Generous Rmx are solid

Atesh K. (Regular Beats Records)
Nice one. Thanks.

Alex Deep (Mr. Nice Guy / Nervous Rec)
Dub mix for me!

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance / Redflux Cinnabar / Ohrwurm KL)
nice original.dub !

Orelse (Sleazy Deep, Buddha Bar)
Dub Mix is superb. Also Generous Remix is very very good

Sander Kleinenberg (Little Mountain / This Is / Renaissance / GU / Audio Therapy)
Thanks! Downloading for Sander Kleinenberg.

Fernando Ferreyra (friskyRadio - Dreamers)
Dub Mix for me thanks

Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records)
Nice, Thanks For Sending

Wez Saunders (Endemic Digital Inc / Stripped Muzik Club)
I like DJ Generous' take on it - thanks

Resident Advisor

I like original also remix is very good. Cheers

M.PRAVDA (Armada, Black Hole, National Sound)
Solid pack! Thank you.

Johan N. Lecander (DI.FM)
Original or Dub mix for me. Hard to pick but think Dub vesion has the edge. Full support in our prog channel

Jay Kaufman (Tortoise Shell Recordings, Unrivaled Music, Stripped Digital, Pa)
The Dub is HUGE. Big in Japan indeed. DJ Generous' mix isn't bad either, but gets a bit too clubby for my tastes.

Gare Mat K (Progrezo, BPitch Pool, 19Box, frisky, DI.FM)
downloading for Gare. thx

Josh Abrams (ULTRA/Balkan Connection/Lowbit/S35/Baroque/Stripped Digital/LuPS)
Dub mix is nice. Thanks!

Tim Benjamin (encore, protonradio, sound avenue, 3rd avenue, crossfade sounds)
dub mix for me, thanks



Huge-A (Pure.FM / Agnosia)
DJ Generous remix for me, thanks

Jon Silva (Pesto Music)
Generous RMX for me

Blue Amazon (Se-Lek-Music)
Fantastic ...DJ Generous mix and dub for me

CzD (Frisky Radio)
original is cool

Mirko Paoloni (Radio Party Groove)
DJ Generous for me!

Lukas Greenberg (Plastic City Artist)

Thomas T. (Fahrenheit, Icon, Hexyl Music)
downloading. thx!

Augusto Siles (Afterhours Radio Show )
Nice stuff, downloading. thanks.

Michael & Levan (Mistique Music, Kunai Records)

CJ Art (Frisky,Joof,Bonzai,Deepersense,Mistique,Contrast,Armada,Deepsess)
quite cool clubby stuff here,thx

Felix JR (Ibiza Global Radio)
DJ Generous version fantasticcc www.felixjr.com

Barbara Sobel (Sobel Nation Radio)
Will be supporting

Dibby Dougherty (DhARMA, Bedrock, Sudbeat)
sorry but not really my thing thanks for sending x

Michal Breeth (Slovak National Radio/Oneway Rec.)
Original for me. Thank you

Hollen (Suara - Agile - Bitten - Kling Klong) (Prospect Records)
DL For Hollen

Jose Diaz (Molacacho Records)
Not my style but dj generous remix is cool.... Thnx

xaric (Stripped Digital / Se-Lek Music / DMradio / Cosmos-Radio)
dub mix is interested, will try it

All are nice, but prefer Dub Mix and DJ Generous Remix. Full support!

Gonzalo Menoyo
Thanks for sending.

Miss Luna (Ibiza Live Radio/ MissLunaMusic)
DJ Generous for me

not for me this time sorry

Hassan Rassmy (Frisky-Powerplant-Club Green-Acute-Mistique-Lups-Atlant Digital)
Generous Remix is Great, will support. Thanks.

Dj Gomez (Rpl99fm)
Dj generous is for me ! great remix !

Good EP. Thanks

Niki Belucci (Radio FG)
great ep

Filthy Mank (Social Syndicate/Dirt Box, Revolution, Manto, GHQ, Fuel)
All strong Mix's on this release...!!...10/10

Miss Disk ( friskyradio-Paradigm Deep Sessions)
Japan - DJ Generous rmx for me!

Suffused (friskyRadio | Suffused Music/Polarities, Quaint Records)
will try dub, thanks

Anna Maria X (Best Radio 92.6, radiomustathens.gr, swift records, klik records)
nice big room release!

Jean Jerome, Itsic, The Soulbrozerz
Full support (Original + Dub)

Marco Sapiens (Groove On)
Nice one!

Hector De Mar (Drops, Deep, Deep Tech Records, Ritmik Records, Aquasound, LQD G)
dub would be the one for me here

Tim Thaler (BLN FM)
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Simina Grigoriu (Susumu)

Casta (CubeRec)
Liked the original and Dj Generous Remix

Xavier Fux (Ibiza Sonica, Fever Club Mexico)
Dub mix for me


Johan Vilborg
Big like on Generous Remix!



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