Juan Lombardo - Bouncing Deep

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Juan Lombardo - Bouncing Deep // Deep Nota Records [DNR]
Genre: House,Deep House,
Release Date: Apr 13 2012
Label: Deep Nota Records
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=Deep_Nota_Records





1 Juan Lombardo - Bouncing Deep (Original Mix)
2 Juan Lombardo - Fonky (Original Mix)
3 Juan Lombardo - Club Kent (Original Mix)
4 Juan Lombardo - Hey Hey (Original Mix)


Release Info:

Forthcoming Juan Lombardo's Ep that is going to be released by Deep Nota Records, our friend label. In Shelving Music, we always want to deliver quality, that's why we are sending this promo. We hope you like as much as our own releases. Enjoy and please give Deep Nota your support!




Feedback (30):


Gee van D (DJ The Gee) (Gee Spot Recordings)
Good Groove ... Like

Sezer Uysal (Suara)
will play bouncing deep. thanks

Alexander Fog (Darkstar Records // Radio FG // Ibiza Sonica)
Very good release. I will be supporting in next gigs. Send Wavs please.

Longfield (Official)
Bouncing Deep: Big deep track, fingers starting to move with the beat, great track!!! Fonky: Smashing floorbanger, nice and tight track! Very nice baseline! Club Kent: Great track, very very smooth break, good build-up, top 100 track!!! Hey Hey: Wowwowwow, great "sweeper", serious sounds and good flow, our favorite of this excellent EP!!! Juan and Deep Nota Records, just an excellent EP and fully supported, great work guys!!!! Regards Simon & Valentine Attwork the Netherlands

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Great release! Thanks for the music! :)

Deep Future (Gruuv, Noir)
Great Release , Downloading tnx

Wally Stryk
cool release amigo

Overall a very strong release. Bouncing Deep is a standout - trade mark JL beats and cleverly arranged muted stabs give way to filtered keys and glitched vocals. Constantly evolving sound and full of emotion. Great work.

Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings)
Some dancy sounds here! Club Kent & Hey Hey are more of my likes, support!

QMUSSE (Reisei Records, Pura Music, Loco records)
Great work, full support for my homie :)

Daniel Mehes (Phobiq, Rhythm Converted, Resopal, Manual/Wolfskuil/Dubmetrical)
good sound!

Kurtz (Milk & Sugar, Traum, Dear Deer, Deepclass, Neorecords, 5 and)
Thanks for the promo, for me Bouncing deep, love that solid beat, well done Juan!

DJ Samer (Baroque, Pangea, Spundae, Stellar Fountain, Pangea, frisky...)
Hey Hey

Kristina Lalic
great release thanx

Cornet (Di One Music)
great work is typical .Downloaded. Thank you Juan

Kaixta (D.I. FM-Deeperfect-Fix By Six-Bonzai Basiks)
Great stuff Juan, you're like wine, as older as better it gets!

Mickey K (Deep Nota Records)
another amazing release by our bestseller Juan Lombardo !

Enzo Elia (Inndigital)
Fonky is my Funky!!!

Kenny Brian (Resopal Schallware/Time Has Changed/Antura Records)
Amazing Release, play for sure ... thanks for the music!

Ozgur Uzar
my favorite hey hey , bombaaa :)

Helly Larson (Lucidflow / Itom Records )
bouncing deep & hey hey for me ! nice ep :)

Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
Bouncing deep for me. Great tune

Super deep sound. Thanks for the promo, Bouncing Deep will be included in my chart of April!

Di Costa (West Radio/DeepWit Recordings/Ready Mix Records/Bilanez Music)
'Bouncing Deep' is dope - love its jackin' feel. 'Fonky' is also very tasty - both tracks show some nice game with the vocal section but in this one I like it better. The other two tracks of the EP are cool too! Great stuff! Support!

Mauro Di Martino (Inndigital)
Hey Hey is interesting. Nice shuffle, kind of jazzy somehow.

Jeremy Juno
Massive release. "Bouncing Deep" and "Hey Hey" will have the most support from me.

Sasha Le Monnier (3rdAvenue/ Proton)
nice ep, good warm up stuff.

Conrad Greggor(Shelving Music/Deep Nota) (Shelving Music. Black Soul, Shout Records)
Great release Juan! You have my support! Amazing phrasing, just incredible arrangements! Well done man! Peace!

Vynal K(Deeperfect, Bunny Tiger, Lapsus)

Darko Jugovic (DEEPsoundDIVISION)
excellent release !!! thank you !!! big support !!!



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