Sezer Uysal pres. Spennu - Feedback

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Sezer Uysal pres. Spennu - Feedback // Green Mono Music Studio [GMMR128]
Genre: Techno,Prog-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Jun 01 2012
Label: Green Mono Music Studio






Release Info:

Beatport 10 Must Hear Progressive House Tracks
Secret Weapons June - Progressive House
Hoxton Whores June Chart by Hoxton Whores
Matteo Monero June Beatport Chart 2012 by Matteo Monero
June 2012 "Eagles" Chart by One Million Toys
Marco VeLkeo JUNE Chart 2012 by Marco Velkeo
Alexey Sonar - June 2012 Chart by Alexey Sonar
Sivro June 2012 Chart by Sivro
MiraculuM's 2012 July Chart by MiraculuM
lanparty July Chart by lanparty
July 2012 by d-phrag

Green Mono returns with next huge release from Sezer Uysal under Spennu title with two mixes together with Gai Barone's vampire remix


Feedback (130):


dPen (Afterglow, Hope Recs, Diez Mil)
Love them all!

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
downloading for Markus

Nic Fanciulli (Saved Recs)
Downloading. Thanks!

Cid Inc (Replug/Sudbeat/Microcastle)
Gai's remix is heaavy, excellent. Will play.

ed2000 (dangerous drums berlin / berlin / solar bookings berlin)
downloading for the music editors at - this release will be listened to for possible rotation playlist inclusion. i will also promote the trax in my own ED2000 dj sets - thanks for this...

Dj carlos mendes (disko massaka & diskoton)
original mix and deeper mix is great ....... thx for promo C.

Wez Saunders (Endemic Digital Inc / Stripped Muzik Club)
10/10 for the pack. Great Original & Deep versions, then Gai's remix smashes it as well. Will support all at various times, thanks.

Hans Tavera (Afterhours Radio Show 99.1 FM)
Deeper and & Gai Barone for me :)

Gare Mat K (Progrezo, BPitch Pool, 19Box, frisky, DI.FM)
will try. thx

Christopher Sheehy (Tempo, Proton, Positive Education)
Grabbing the Deeper mix!

Garrett S (Digitally Imported, Safari radio, Flooressence recordings)
Love the Gai remix! Thanks

Nikki Flame Jordan
Liking Sezer Uysal everytime I hear his tunes..defo going to get bigger and bigger, and with remixes by the likes of Gai Barone on his releases it won't take the track fav is Gai's Remix, full support, One Love, Nikki Flame xxx

Stephan Grondin (Montreal: Stereo - Apollon, Toronto Fly, New York: XL - Work)
great release full support

Josh Abrams (ULTRA/Balkan Connection/Lowbit/S35/Baroque/Stripped Digital/LuPS)
Gai and the Deep mix are cool! Thanks!

Jay Kaufman (Tortoise Shell Recordings, Unrivaled Music, Stripped Digital, Pa)
Sezer Uysal is definitely becoming an artist to watch for me. I quite like the original.

Audio Junkies
Great release! downloading, thanks!

DJ VIBE (Antena3/Industria Club)
Nice pack! Support. Thanks.

Oliver Morgenroth (Hunter & Force Recordings)
gai barone rmx WOW!!

Matteo Monero (Never Too Late, Mistique, Sudam, InsomniaFm, Pure FM)
Gai Barone is nice ! Thanks

Andy Arias
Gai Barone Remix is really good!!! Thanks

Sander Kleinenberg (Little Mountain / This Is / Renaissance / GU / Audio Therapy)

Owen Howells
Deeper mix is sound, thanks for the music

Giuseppe Morabito aka Abyss (freelance)
the deep vers for me thanx

Armin Van Buuren (Armada)
Downing for Armin thanks

M.PRAVDA (Armada, Black Hole, National Sound)
Gai Barone is te best mix here

Adam Meza (Electric Sound Stage (iHeartRadio))
Loving the dark sounds from Gai Barone!

Rafy Nieves (Billboard Magazine)
Gai Barone is the one for me!!!

Danny Lloyd - Nocturna (Sudbeat | Lowbit | Proton| Particles)
Gai Barone! Full support. Will play

great pack!!

Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
very good

All mixes are just amazing! Thanks

timbenjamin (encore protonradio)
Gai Barone mix really rocks

the deeper mix and gai barone are great.

RJ Pickens (FloorControl Radio,
nice release. Thank you!

Kenny Substance (Pure Substance / Redflux Cinnabar / Ohrwurm KL)
lovin these especially deeper and gai mixes

Satoshi Fumi (Moodmusic /Get Physical/Plastic City / Klik / iRecoeds/Bedrock /)
original for me

Mad Morello (Mainground Music, LIP Recordings, UDR, All Mighty Records, Deeps)
Original for me thanks

Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty)
like the gai barone remix best

Bart Claessen (Armada / Ultra / Anjunabeats / Flashover / MagikMusik / Toolroom)
nice rmx

Resident Advisor

Chris Pearson (BFBS Radio)
Great stuff... Deeper Mix for me on BFBS Radio

Deep Future (Gruuv, Noir)
Fantastic release, deeper remix for me (Charted)

Johan (DI Radio) (Digitally Imported Radio)
Nice work on all 3 tracks but Gai's deep and dark Remix is definitely my pick here. Full support in our prog channel

Zack Roth (Pacha NYC, Silk Royal)
All-around awesoem release. very different vibes between each mix. Thanks!

Tobias Henecker
nice tracks! thx!

Data_Base (BCSA)
Gai rmx is really monster! full support..

d-phrag (BC2 / Bonzai / System / Balkan Connection)
Original for the early hours, Gai Barone for more progressive crowd

Atesh K. (Regular Beats Records)
Thanks. I will play it on my Deep House Therapy nights...

Nikko.Z (Dopamine,Sudbeat,Vapour.)
will play Gai's rmx tonight ! great one

Like both original and deeper mixes! good groove

AL MACKENZIE (D:Ream/Dancing Bear)
Nice EP

Fernando Ferreyra (friskyRadio - Dreamers)
Very Nice Work, Deeper Mix work for me, thanks

Egopunks (Egopunks, re:hab)
Really loving the Gai barone remix.

Alex Deep (Mr. Nice Guy / Nervous Rec)
Great stuff here!!! Thanks for the music !!!

Gai Barone Remix for me, thanks.

Gai Barone (Afterglow )
what a pack! thanks a lot

Sven Jacobsen (ZYX Music Germany, Antenne Koblenz with own weekly Radioshow)
Deeper Mix for me :-)

Zacharias Tiempo (Shinshy, S2G, HouseAmigo DJs, Feel Free )
I like the deep sound of the deeper mix and Gai Barone Mix!

Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records)
Very Nice, Support, all the best

Anderson Noise
downloading thanks

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives | Sudbeat | Renaissance | Hope | Armada | Perfecto )
Top remix work by Gai Barone as usual ;)

Idacio (RoM/Digitally Imported)
Nice EP, liking all versions & will support. Thank you.

Rapunzel (Subsequent Records)
nice sounds, thnx!

Marcelo Méndez (Tunnel FM / Spirit Soul Records)
Original and deeper mix for me, full support...Thx! ;))

Deersky (Soundteller Records/Proton Radio)
Gai Barone's remix for sure! great ep! thanks

Mario da Ragnio (Moan | Inmotion |Break New Soil | Solfooled)

Shane Robinson (Silk, AMH, PHWW, SNR, ESM)
loving all mixes. great release !

Original and Gai's for me, thanks! :)

marcooz (friskyRadio, Mistique Music)
Gai Barone remix is great, will support

Huge-A (Pure.FM / Agnosia)
cool stuff, thanks

Bear Golightly (DI.FM Radio, 220V Recordings, Source of Gravity Digital)
Gai Barone's remix really knocks this pack out of the park!

Fady Ferraye (Hurly Burly,B018,Audio Therapy)
Barone's remix for me

Indy Lopez (MusicZone Records - Radio One)
Thx for your music, sounds good but no my style. cheers indy.

Jon Silva (Pesto Music)
Original & Gai Barone remix for me

Anna Maria X (88.6 radio,, swift records, klik records, TSOE)
great package! support, thanx!

Jose Diaz (Molacacho Records)
Original Mix rocks!!! Thnx

Augusto Siles (Afterhours Radio Show )
Good Stuff, Deeper mix for me . thxs

Broombeck/MSMS (Mistakes/MBF/TerminalM//PlasticCity)
Nice pack for my project MSMS, txs!

All are nice, but I prefer Deeper Mix and Gai Barone Remix. Support!

Markos Polydorou (Humatron Music)
original is nice. thanks!

CJ Art (Frisky,Joof,Bonzai,Sudam,Mistique,Contrast,Armada,Deepsessions,M)
Gai Barone's remix is really nice here! thankss:)

Xavier Fux (Ibiza Sonica, Fever Club Mexico)
Original and Deeper are superb...will play both at different times of the night...

scalambrin & sgarro
barone....simply fantastic

Felix JR (Ibiza Global Radio)
I like it, fantastic

xaric (Stripped Digital / Atlant Digital / APO Management)
Gai Barone remix is huge!!! Full support

Denis A (DAR | Megapolis FM Moscow / Proton Radio)
Nice. Will Try

Dj Gomez (Rpl99fm)
Deeper Mix is for me . Good Rlease

Gonzalo Menoyo
Original Mix for me. Nice deep beats. Thanks for the music!

Heiko Goebel
nice and groovy ep like the deep mix!!

Miguel Libre (
Original mix for me. Thanks!

JP Phillippe (The Disclosure Project)
Nice Release! Will drop the original I should think. Thanks

AMDJS (50+ radiostations over 14 countries)

AMDJS (50+ radiostations over 14 countries)
Will test original. Thank you.

Miss Luna (Ibiza Live Radio/ MissLunaMusic)
Love that sound....all versions for me

Thomas T. (Fahrenheit, Icon, Hexyl Music)
nice release! Thanks

Michal Breeth (Slovak National Radio/Oneway Rec.)
Gais remix is fantastic! In my friday show.

Aeron Aether (Solaris / Nocturnal / Proton / Silk | Proton Radio / Pure FM)
Nice release, thanks!

riccicomoto (Lucidflow / Ibiza Global Radio)
thanx for sending...nice one...for me its the deeper mix...thanxs

Casta (CubeRec)
Gai`s for me. Thanks!

CzD (Frisky Radio)
it's great

John P. (
great tracks! thanks

Filthy Mank (Social Syndicate/Dirt Box, Revolution, Manto, GHQ, Fuel)
Loving the (original) mix here...!!...great work..!!

Marco Sapiens (Groove On)
Deeper Mix good for me...Thank you!

Gorm Sorensen (Silk Sofa)
Cool tracks.

Original for me:) thanks

Suffused (friskyRadio, Proton|Suffused Music/Polarities, Magnetism Digital)
Gai Barone!

PHW (PHW, Media)
Fantastic release, will definitely play and support this! Gai Barone will be a killer in the club!

AquAdro (Revelation Records)
Gai Barone great remix!!!

Thanks for Gai Barone! will play :D

Hector De Mar (Deep, Drops, Aquasound, LQDGrooves, Inversion, 'Shoes, Bags)
some real nice vibes in this one, hard to pick a fav...will definitely find use for all three in my sets

Relaunch (Bonzai,JOOF,Electronic Delight (Di.Fm))
great!! thanks

Tony Dee (Kling Klong/Suara)

Niki Belucci [Radio FG]
cool ep

Tim Thaler (BLN FM)
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Ant Brooks (Groovant/1605/Tronic)
Favouring track 2, but overall a good release. Would play.

Slang (Spring Tube / Movement / TSOE / DSUK | DI FM / AH FM / Proton)
Original and Gai's remix are cool, will play one of them, thanks!

Magnin Grégory (radio calade - planet electro)
I have selected the original mix

Will play and support Barone 's remix! Dark, hypnotic, great bass...

Barbara Sobel (Sobel Nation Radio)
Full support!

Deeper mix for me...thanks :)

Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (MOS, Loco Records)
thanks for support guys, lovin Gai remix !!

Stefan DJordjevic
all tracks for me but Gui deliver a bomb remix, thanks!!

Koolfunk (Starlight / Witty Tunes)
Deeper mix for us! thanks!

Kris Andersen (Beat Agency)
Nuce one, Will give it a spin.

Hassan Rassmy (Frisky-Powerplant-Club Green-Acute-Mistique-Lups-Atlant Digital)
Great EP, Full support. Thanks.

nice ..thanks !!

Miss Disk ( friskyradio-Paradigm Deep Sessions)
Great ep! Full support!

zweitausendeins Traum (Clinique / BQ)
great release! thanx!

Michael & Levan (Mistique Music, Kunai Records)

Cactus Twisters (Nell/Refused)
Gai Barone remix for us, thanks.



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