Juan Lombardo - Imagination

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Juan Lombardo - Imagination // Deep Nota Records [DNR171]
Genre: Deep House,
Release Date: Jun 07 2012
Label: Deep Nota Records
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=Deep_Nota_Records





1 Juan Lombardo - Temporal (Original Mix)
2 Juan Lombardo - Imagination (Original Mix)
3 Juan Lombardo - Wavy (Original Mix)
4 Juan Lombardo - Duzted (Original Mix)


Release Info:

Another promo service from Deep Nota Records, our friend label who present a four track ep by Juan Lombardo. Thanks for your support!


Feedback (44):


CLARA DA COSTA (Ibiza Sonica Radio)
Will support in Ibiza.

Sezer Uysal (Suara)
may try duzted, thanks

Longfield (Official)
Outstanding EP!!!! This is deep as it is! Great work Juan! Regards Simon & Valentine - Attwork

Gee van D (DJ The Gee) (Gee Spot Recordings)
Nice one Like always full support from Ibiza !!!

Great EP!! Hard to choose the best... nice grooves from Juan as always

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Thanks for the music! :) Great release!

Jesus Pablo (Large Music / Viva Recordings)
nice EP... really diggin Wavy... :)

Alexander Fog (Darkstar Records // Radio FG // Ibiza Sonica)
Really nice EP. Support

Matteo Matteini (Elegant Bit - Reload)
thanks for the music!

LUCIANO (Cadenza)
Thanks for the music!

Deep Future (Gruuv, Noir)
Great release ,, tnx

Richie (UM)
Downloading. Unable to leave feedback due to injuries. UM will return soon. Thanks for your continued support.

Broombeck (YesWeCan/Flash/Herzblut/TerminalM)
Nice EP for my project MSMS, txs!

Jens L.
great ep, full support

Mike Reyes (Sonika.FM)
Juan is a very talented guy, but you people already know that shit, so , yeah, my pics here are: Temporal, Imagination and Duzted

Kenny Brian (Resopal Schallware/Time Has Changed/Antura Records)
Full support for my friend !!! love it

Fabian Argomedo

Brian Morse
Imagination has my support. Sweet sounding EP man!

Alvaro Hylander (DeepWit Recordings)
Wavy is huge!! the other tracks are groooovers, thanks!

Sasha Le Monnier (3rdAvenue/ Proton)
like the dark sinister touch to Wavy, thanks!

Wally Stryk
big support for my friend !

Daniel Mehes (Phobiq, Rhythm Converted, Resopal, Manual/Wolfskuil/Dubmetrical)
Temporal is nice one

Dimitri Monev ((Baile Musik, Pins & Needles, Alboratory))
Lovely deep sound as usual , support for Juan!!

Kurtz (Milk & Sugar, Traum, Dear Deer, Deepclass, Neorecords, 5 and)
Imagination is my fav, sounds really good too! thanks for the music ;)

Tough beats, solid grooves and rumbling bass lines are stamped all over this release. It’s precisely the stuff that’s needed on a dance floor at 6am. Temporal and Wavy being the highlights for me.

Conrad Greggor(Shelving Music/Deep Nota) (Shelving Music. Black Soul, Shout Records)
Brilliant release Juan. Quality as always. Full support for the release. Keep doing what you are doing man! Peace!

Enzo Elia (Inndigital)
Imagination is for me!

Mathew Scott
Wow, I just had my socks blown clean off! Seriously, i have no socks!! Very punchy deeptech grooves. Love it!

DJ Samer (Baroque, Pangea, Spundae, Stellar Fountain, Pangea, frisky...)
Wavy for sure

Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
Wavy for me, very good stuff from Juan

Jeremy Juno
Killer EP! Both Imagination and Dutzed have my support.

Kristina Lalic
nice pack!support

Di Costa (West Radio/DeepWit Recordings/Ready Mix Records/Bilanez Music)
Nice pack of goodies by Juan!!! All four of the tracks have this punchy groove deeptech vibe and I like it. 'Wavy' sounds best for me!!! Will try them all out! Thanks! Support! ;)

Marc Pollen (Balkan Connection, Baroque Records)
Great EP. Full support.

Great EP.Full Support

great release!!! dl,tnx!!!

Ramiro Filipe (Tunnel FM, DE Radio, Touch Radio, Dora.)
Great tunes...Temporal is my fav

Mauro Di Martino (Inndigital)
Juan rock the house! Support at Inndigital.com

Kaixta (D.I. FM-Deeperfect-Fix By Six-Bonzai Basiks)
full support for Juan!

John P. (westradio.gr)
great tracks by Juan! will support on west radio! thanks

Cornet (Di One Music)
Duzted is amazing!! Thank for the music

Magnus Johanson (Ignite Sessions)
Very good package of tunes... Vibing... Temporal, Imagination & Wavy tunes... Will support :-)

shaun harriott
classic stuff ;)

Gregory G D'Elia (KBCS 91.3FM)
AWH DUDE! Juan Lombardo! I've become a total fan over some of his creations this year! It has got to be those sound layerings over deep kick and beats! Duzted pulled my ear first with most unique break and layers. Imagination has wonderful drop-in of ethereal vocal sample and double beat back to addicting groove. Temporal has most familiar kick and "temporal" deep house vibe. Wavy straight up deephouse. Nice Thanks!



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