DNYO & Tim Penner - From North incl. Cid Inc, DNYO and Tim Penner mixes

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DNYO & Tim Penner - From North incl. Cid Inc, DNYO and Tim Penner mixes // Replug [RPLG026]
Genre: Techno,Prog-House,
Release Date: Oct 15 2012
Label: Replug
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=Replug_





1 DNYO & Tim Penner - From North (Original Mix)
2 DNYO & Tim Penner - From North (Cid Inc Remix)
3 DNYO & Tim Penner - From North (DNYO Northern Boogie)
4 DNYO & Tim Penner - From North (Tim Penner Remix)


Release Info:

The 26th release on Cid Inc's Replug imprint sees the debut of 2 of the most talked about new producers this year. Brazil's DNYO and Canada's Tim Penner are both known for their cutting edge sound design and contemporary compositions. DNYO's 2012 has been amazing with releases on Last Night On Earth, Proton, Vapour, microCastle and his own Konstrukt imprint. Likewise Tim has been doing phenomenal work on Stripped, Hype, Indigo and his own Konstrukt imprint as well. Their debut for Replug entitled 'From North' is also their first collaboration together which includes a remix from Cid Inc. and individual interpretations form DNYO and Tim as well.

The 'From North' original leads the release off with a raw analogue sound that comes with immense character. Subtlety building dynamics and dark, futuristic electronics lead to the introduction of a muted wall of subby bass and a warped but incredibly hooky synth lead. The drop features a melancholic wave which heightens the emotions and then slowly dissipates to reveal a long granular sweep which reintroduces the menacing framework and soulful melodies for a moody finish to the record.

Replug label boss Henri Hurtig aka Cid Inc. has been quiet of late with his last release coming courtesy of Flow Vinyl in May so his remix here will be much anticipated by all his fans. A powerfully warped bass line leads the track off and with it comes a menacing vibe. Vibrate drums, crisp electronics and momentous hypnotics build up around the rolling groove as the main drop approaches. Here a wealth of Icelandic vocal pads, granular gates and sweeping atmospheres gradually build to a tension filled boil and the warped groove thunders down once more for a futuristic, techno inspired finale.

DNYO's 'Northern Boogie' interpretation presents a stark electronic vibe with incredibly moody atmospheres which set a deeply ominous tone at the outset. The futuristic sound design is on consummate display as it works some sensory magic in the expansive groove. A drummy finale with flashes of brighter atmospheric accents heightens the senses once more on an even more profound level as the track draws to a conclusion.

Closing the package out is Tim Penner's solo interpretation of 'From North'. Tim has toughened up the kick and delivered another one of his chugging dance floor grooves that uses many of the amazing sounds from the original but with a much smoother streamlined vibe. The composition builds slowly to a subtle climax where the haunting melodic themes are presented amidst a wonderful haze of granular atmospheric s and melancholic overtones which closes the release out quite nicely.

Presstext: Mitch Alexander http://www.releasepromo.com


Feedback (79):


Paul Thomas (Godskitchen / Toolroom Records)
Cid Inc remix. Rocking!

Jerome Isma-Ae (Ministry Of Sound / Armada / Black Hole / Ultra / Jee Production)
cid´s mix

Barry Jamieson (Circular Sound Recordings)
Cid Inc and DNYO mixes for me thanks

Inkfish (Inkfish)
Love Cid´s mix, & Tim Penners mix is very nice as well.

Steve Parry (Selador/ SMP3/ Frisky/ Luna)
very cool pacakage here. original and cd inc are my faves

James Grant (Anjunadeep)
nice sounds

Kasey Taylor (Vapour Recordings/eVapour8)
Ace release. Thanks..

Serge Que (Monaque) (Get Physical, microCastle)
Cid Inc always rocks !!! Great original as well!

Guy J (Bedrock)
Great Original & Cid Inc remix deliver as usual , thnx good luck

Fiord (Chameleon- sprout - Vapour, Flow)
Awesome release. Love the Northern Bridge boogie! Tim penners mix is sick! Cid incs also!

The Wash (progressive-world.at)
wow original and cid inc mixes are amazing!

Luis Junior (kompakt / mooseekaa)
great stuff from Replug!support.

Jody Wisternoff (Way Out West)
cid inc remix for me, thanks!

Mathias Bradler (Micro.Fon - Berlin)
Cid Inc Remix is massive! Great work bro!

Hernan Cattaneo ( )
really good stuff full support

Pena (Flow)
great package, cid´s and tim´s my fav here to play.

Igor Cold
Ice cold stuff. Nothern boogie!

Denis A (DAR | Megapolis FM Moscow / Proton Radio)
Cid Inc! Great!

Nick Muir (Bedrock)
Liking the Tim Penner mix, thanks

Dju (Mesmeric)
Progressive music at its finest. Nice package! My pick is the Cid Inc Remix that brings all the smart sounds from the original to a more dancefloor friendly format, without betraying the original intentions. Awesome.

John 00 Fleming
Downloading to listen offline

Andy Newland (Bedrock, Audio Therapy, Twisted Audio)
cid remix

(Anjuna, Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, Norin & Rad, Andrew Baye)
Downloading for Above & Beyond. Please check www.aboveandbeyond.nu/radio for support

(Anjuna, Above & Beyond, Mat Zo, Norin & Rad, Andrew Baye)
Downloading for Above & Beyond. Check www.aboveandbeyond.nu/radio to see if supported.

Kaa (Air Snare & Tribal Vision)
digging all tracks a lot ! Thx

WCross - Golden Wings Radio
Nice Cid Inc for me thanks

Santiago Garcia (Renaissance, Toolroom, microCastle)
very nice pack! thankss cid inc !

Soulwerk (Proton, Hope, Perspectives, Mooseeka)
Top notch release as always! support.

Pablo Acenso (appears on Global Underground, Balance)
dnyo mix is my fav. thanks!

Mike Griego (microCastle, Bedrock, Sudbeat)
amazing music as always!

Freddie PHW
Brilliant stuff here guys, definitely support here! thx!

Luke Porter (Sudbeat / microCastle / Temporum)
Quality all around here. Excellent selection!

Alex Nemec (Mirabilis, Respekt, Rekluse, Tronic)
BOMB RELEASE ... like Replug's always :)

David Granha (Sincopat, Selador, Einmusika)
Whole Ep sounds big, thanks a lot

Tash (Movement Recordings)
cid inc does it again!

Silinder (Proton/Sudbeat/Disco Gecko Recordings)
great pack, Henri's mix for me, thanks :)

great stufff orig & cid inc for me. thanks!

Yamil Colucci
Tim Pnner mix for me, thanks!

Juan Deminicis (Lost&Found)
Cid inc remix for me, thanks !

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)
Another Gem release from Replug! absolutely superb stuff!!

BAMBOOK (GU, Needwant, Circus Recordings )
Cid and Tim Remixes for me thanks!

Evren Ulusoy (i! Records/ Moodmusic / Loco / Proton / Outside The Box / I Rec)
penner remix.thanks!

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Massive remix by Cid Inc! Orgasmic sound design & intelligent grooves in the other mixes =]! Me gusta.

Danny Oliveira aka DNYO (microCastle, anjunadeep)
Here we are now, this is just the beginning.

Deepfunk (Sixtysevensuns)
Cid inc remix!

Sasha Le Monnier (3rdAvenue/ Proton)
stunning pack, thanks Henri!

Fady Ferraye (Hurly Burly,B018,Audio Therapy)
Dnyo's Northern Boogie, a voodoo woogie remix, for me, it is raw, sick and goth!!

dPen (Afterglow, Hope Recs, Diez Mil)
In my chart! lovely release!

3LIAS (B018 Club)
Amazing Ep, Cid Inc, and Tim Penner's Mixes for me.

Arjun Vagale (SCI+TEC / Tronic / Trapez Ltd / Suara / KD Music)
great stuff as always. Henri's mix is wicked

Logiztik Sounds (Traum / Manual )
very nice release!

Cid Inc and Im Penner Mixes for me .. Theyre all great though !

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Sudbeat, Global Underground, Hope, Renaissance, Pa)
Very good pack, Original and Cid Inc mixes work best for my sets.

GRG (Flow Vinyl, Proton, Replug, Not Another)
Great stuff!!! Remixes are amazing!

Norman H (strippedmuzikclub)
excellent stuff here Cid Inc & Tim Penner mixes for me :)

Sound Process (Cajual - Nervous)
Great stuff here!! Tim´s & henri´s are my favs here. Thanks!

Guy Mantzur (Sudbeat /Plattenbank/Flow/Lost &Found)
Love Did's Remix

Kassey Voorn (Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)
been big fan of the original for a while now, new remixes are amazing! top pack

Dibby Dougherty (DhARMA, Bedrock, Sudbeat)
massssive work here thanks

Great EP! Cid inc rmx for m thx

Mango (Mango Alley)
great winted grooves! cid inc remix is incredible! should sound wicked on the floors, especially after the break!

Ioan Gamboa (Madberlin//Sudbeat//Natura Sonoris)
Cid Inc for me, thanks !!

RICH CURTIS (Sudbeat/Proton/SexonWax)
Cid Inc remix just blew my head off...

Monochronique (TM Radio)
Tim Penner and Cid Inc mixes are top.

Nicholas Van Orton (BCSA)
nice tracks, thanks!

Riley Warren (Frisky Radio, Wülfpack, Liquid Grooves)
Cid Inc. mix, sooo good. Tim Penner Mix also really amazing. Great stuff again! Thanks! =)

Diego Iglesias (Aegyptia, Findremix.com, Liquid Grooves, Lowbit, Baires)
Original and Cid's for me!

Stephen J. Kroos (Anjuna / Spring Tube / Manual / Particles / Replug / Mango Alley)
Cid Inc. mix! thanks!

Sezer Uysal (Suara)
cid and penner mixes are for me, thanks !

Omar El Gamal
quality stuff, great remix by Cid as always! thanks.

Desaturate (Particles/Sound Avenue)
Wow stellar release! All four tunes work for us. Cheers!

super release really been diggin dyno & tim's sounds. and cid inc always is a raja... thanks :)

Gui Milani (Tribal Vision Records)
Cid Inc bassline made his remix my fav... But all the others are tripping high quality music. Thanks!

Alec Araujo (Clinique, 3XA Music, Plattenbank, Global Underground, A Must Hav)
Huge interpretations by Tim Penner, DNYO and Cid Inc. Support for sure.

James Warren (Baroque / Proton / Olaris / Silk / Spring Tube)
Superb ep. All offering something different with original and Cid Inc in particular hitting the very highest notes. Top quality as ever from Replug.

Cid inc here for me thanx great stuff Paul

Erich Von Kollar
Awesome work from all! Very massive EP. Love it!

Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
Awesome tunes, thanks

Stas Drive (Chapter24|Microcastle| Selador| Sudbeat|Movement)
Bomb! Original & Cid Inc cool as always! also Tim's rmx nice. Thnx Henri :)



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