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Release Date: Dec 31 1969
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Very nice pack, Chilano remix is fav. Thank You

Paper Samurai (Thisisprogressive, Mistique Music)
Wicked Pack!

Kay-D (Mistiquemusic)
Great pack, I will play

Vitaly Depp
Loquai is good for me! Thanks! Will play

Frede Goto (Mistique Music)
Hector Sawiak is awesome! Matias Chilano is perfect! The other mixes are really good too.. Wonderful ep..

John 00 Fleming
Nice package!

Ivan Nikusev (OLD SQL Recordings)

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus.

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus.

Soulfinder (Sleepless Nights Recordings/Groove Collection Bookings)
Suffused mix is quality !!!

Mehmet Akar

Daniel Kandi (Armada, Armind, Enhanced, Anjuna)
Nice package! Will support some of them.

Thorin (Bonzai, Mistique Music)

Aggressor (OLDSQL & Mistique)
Huge pack! Great Remixes!

No Sonic Limits
Great pack.

Paul Key/Outsense (Mistiquemusic/Old SQL)

Chris Koz (Electric Cocoon)

Robert K
nice pack,thanks

Zak Quiney
Downloading to take a closer listen

Danny Lloyd (Sudbeat | Proton | Asymmetric)
Nice Pack! Thanks

Jason LeMaitre (The Build Up / Trinity Seattle / DJ4Life)
excellent pack!

Madloch (Sound Avenue / 3rd Avenue / Crossfade Sounds)
Very nice package!

Sebastian Garuti (Mistiquemusic, Deepsessions)
Great pack!

Horizons Progressive (Landscapes Music/Bonzai/Mistique Music)
Suffused and AqAdro remixes for me!

John D
great pack thanks!

Hector Sawiak & Suffused remixes for me. Thanks

gp1 (Crystal Clouds)
Good variety...Once again, LoQuai!!


Jeremy Rowlett (Saturate Audio, Mistique, JOOF, Big Toys Production)
Suffused, Hector and the Downtempo mixes are great!

Kay Mikado (Lohit / Baroque/ Jetlag Digital/ Mystique Digital/ Spring Tube/ )
Good Release. Thanks

Marcooz (friskyRadio, Mistique Music)
nice pack, will play

Snorkle (Perfect Session Records, 238W, LuPS, OLD SQL Rec )
Hector Sawiak Remix! FANTASTIC!!


Suffused Remix is my fav here

K I N T A R! (Sudam, Ibiza Global Radio, 303lovers, Toolroom, Terminal M)
Lovely pack, I will use one of them on my next Sudam World!

Gai Barone (Afterglow, Perfecto... DI.fm, Frisky, Proton)
massive pack! thanks

Deepsense (friskyRadio)
nice release, thank u

DJ Pride (Pure.FM)
amazing ep !

Maxi Iborquiza (Massive Harmony, 3rd Avenue, Forward, Existence, Classound, Stri)
Matias Chilano remix for me. thx!

MSZ (mistiquemusic/joof)
Suffsed, Hector S, Loquai, Original -- super into these.

Johan N. Lecander (DI.FM)
Remix overload but nice package nonetheless

White Resonance (bcsa/spherax/deep blue eyes /uxmal records)
nice ep thanx downloading

Andrius Budrikas
nice!!thnx CJ

Airwave (JOOF, Bonzai Progressive, LCD Recordings)
hard to pick a favorite! good pack!

Adam-P (Mistique, Stellar, Old SQL)
All mixes are superb!! Thanks!!

Oliver Morgenroth (Hunter & Force Recordings)
great pack!! hi quality all the way

Hector Sawiak & Stefan or me

Faces (Silk / No Smoking / Nueva / Incepto)
Stefan DJordjevic and LoQuai Remix for us, thanks!

Yuriy From Russia (Outside The Box, Baroque, Proton, Sick Watona, Dark Pleasure)
Impressive pack!

Louis Sollard (OLD SQL - Flying Birds Records)
Huge Pack Great EP Thnxs

Alejo Gonzalez (Surface Bookings - Delta Fm)
Hector Sawiak remix for me. Great pack. Thanks :)

Thanks a lot! Downloading, if will support - will inform U!

CJ Art (Frisky,Joof,Contrast,Mistique,Bonzai,Sudam,LuPs,Deepsessions,Mes)
BIG thanks to my friends remixers for such brilliant works,to Mistique & for all feedbacks & support!:)

Ozgur Ozkan (Baires, System, 19Box, friskyRadio, Jetlag, Mestiza)
great pack! support!

Suffused (friskyRadio | Suffused Music/Polarities, Quaint Records)
Well done Arthur! Amazing release and thanks!

Elemental Drift (Insomniafm Radio, Release Promo, DJ Club Party (Mauritius), Unde)
Amazing Music !

Peaceful Mind (KP Recordings)
hector sawiak remix for me

TOMAS HAVERLIK (www.tomashaverlik.com)
Thank you for nice music! I will support ;-)

Stefan DJordjevic

thanks to CJ ART and MISTIQUE MUSIC!

Frangellico (SUDAM, Contrast Records)
great pack, like all mixes

Matteo Monero (Never Too Late, Mistique, Sudam, InsomniaFm, Pure FM)
Original, Sawiak and Suffused for me, thanks

Ben Hysa (InsomniaFM, GWM Radio)
Fantastic Pack here...Thanx!!!

Phaedra (Pure.FM)
great release! ; i like most st.djordjevic rmx! also suffused rmx!

Jonatan Ramonda
Massive!! thanks!

Kaan Koray (Soundteller, Balkan Connection)
Amazing pack, I can not choose all great, thanks!

Cut Knob (Diego) (Stellar Fountain, Suffused)
Many good versions here!

zweitausendeins Traum (Clinique / BQ)
Suffused rmx is great!

Styller (Saturate Audio)
Downloading for closer lissen

Faskil (microCastle / Frisky / Jetlag / Silk / Morphosis / Spring Tube)
Suffused mix for me. :)

Michael Gaida (Pure.FM)
Awesome release. Can't say who's my fav here. Thanks.

Andrez / Third Personality (InSound | Armada / BCSA / Inlab / Mistique | Radio Nova)
Amazing pack! Some of my favourite producers with versions here - Loquai, Hector, full support, will present the EP in my radioshow!

nice pack! thanks support downtempo for me!

Deersky (Soundteller Records/Proton)
Great pack! Hector's remix is amazing ..Suffused also good! thx

Domased Electronica (Mistiquemusic)
Thanks for promo. Hector Sawiak, LoQuai, Stefan DJordjevic, Suffused for me...

Dj Dave Carden (Kiss FM / Various Radio)
Top class as always from the talented CJ Art. Great remixes but the Original is stunning for me.

Adnan Jakubovic (DAR Digital,OLD SQL,BCSA,Mistique)
Huge pack ! Downloading all !

N-tchbl (friskyRadio)

Nice release.. thanks!

deepsoulduo@hotmail.com (Mistique/Pure/TM/28B)
Amazing pack thanks!

Dynamic Illusion (Suffused Music / Deep Dive)
Hector's dark remix is amazing!

Duarte Gomes
nice release all great tracks !

Jose Tabarez

good ambiance

Sasha Le Monnier (3rdAvenue/ Proton)
Stefan's mix is a cool version, sweet warm up

Deepersense.pl (deepersense.pl)
Fantastic EP! Mighty Original Mix +top notch remixs from Hector Sawiak, Matias Chilano, Suffused and AquAdro. Downtempo Mix is very nice too. Great job!

Matias Chilano (DJ - Producer)
I'm glad to be part of this!! Thanks!! suffused remix it's amazing!!!

DJ Peaceful
Love these tunes!!

Wachterberg (sunsetmelodies | Silk Royal Showcase)
Hector Sawiak and Stefan DJordjevic for me!

amazing pack thx

John Ov3rblast (Spaceal Orbeats Records ,Trapez,MoonChild,Insomniafm,Mistique,De)
Dreamy remix from Stefan,LoQuai on fire!Hector fantastic work ,top work on the original from CJ ,thank you

Nick Wurzer (Famous | Mystic Carousel Rec)
Massive Release , full support!

AudioStorm (Sudbeat / Bonzai / System / Movement / Stripped / Mistique / B:C)
Great release,Stefan did fantastic work,also LoQ as usual!

Arthur Sense (Distants Records)
full support, massive pack!

Zan Preveé (Stellar/3rdAvenue/Silk/ElectronicTree/BCSA/Soundteller/Mistique)
Huge all the release,quality sounding,thanks!

AquAdro (Revelation Records)
Great Ep but especially great pleasure to be part!!! Thanks Artur!!!

Aurora Nights Project (Mild'N Minty /TM Radio)
amazing ep! full support, tnx

Matt Black (Segment records/ Pro-B-Tech/ Mirabilis)
Loquai and Suffused mixes are both good

tim benjamin (encore, protonradio, sound avenue, 3rd avenue, crossfade sounds)
nice pack, thanks

Spector Selector, Lens (safari radio 104.7 greece Telenet Digital TV - 913 (Vlaanderen, )
I'm going with the LoQuai or Suffused mixes. Love the dark atmosphere!

fantastic pack!

Sima Deep (ZOO l Klub K4)
huge ep. tnx!

Jordan Petrof (TM Radio/Insomnia Fm/PureFM/Digitally Imported Progressive/DNA R)
amazing pack ,full support ! thanks

Each, in its own good.

Cut Knob (BoomCardona)
Wow! Thankz Mistique Massive pack :)



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