VA - Smart Vibes 01

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VA - Smart Vibes 01 // Smart Phenomena Records [SPR 005]
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: Nov 12 2012
Label: Smart Phenomena Records





1 Green Noise & Pillman - Just An Illusion(original mix)
2 Mariano Pompeo - Let You Go(original mix)
3 Andrey Subbotin - Before Sunset(Artsever Remix)
4 Bo Willsson - Bumy(original mix)
5 Mindshield - Oregano(original mix)
6 TK - Puzzles(original mix)


Release Info:

This compilation is the first one that Smart Phenomena Records has under PROTON Music belt.
It deliveres you various types of progressive tracks(party ones,dark progressive ones and why not,mainstream radio kind tunes).
Green Noise and Pillman ,two known romanian producers and deejays at Vibe Fm,a well known radio from Romania ,made a mainstream progressive track with a great flow and feeling.
Mariano Pompeo has his own style of progressive and he made a very inspired track named "Let You Go".
Artsever tells us a whole story in his remix for "Before Sunset".
Bo Willsson made a wicked track which is a cool tool for big progressive parties.
Mindshield,a well known producer,made a tune that takes us in a dream land.
TK aka Tedla Kebede made another great track that will blow your mind.


Feedback (150):


Technodreamer (Spring Tube)
Just on illusion is on top, Oregano bings very classic sound of progressive, well done!

D05 (Macarize/NuevaDigital/Neuroscience)
thanks for download

First and last one for us... Killers!

AbueKev (Gimmick Records, Original Label, Bronzai Records, Side B Undergr)

Kenneth Thomas (Perfecto / Armada / Dissident / Curvve / Tetsuo / Spring Tube)
Green Noise is great!!

Andro V (Steyoyoke,BCSA,Scander)

Hypnotic Progressions (Mistique/Clinique/BCSA/Reelaux/Green Snake/Suffused Music/System)
Very Cool Tracks Thanks!!

Storyteller (Armada/Spinnin/Curvve/Enhanced/Toes/Tilth/No Smoking)
Let you go somehow reminds me of Way Out West. Well done.

Veliades (Usessions/InsomniaFM/BBR)
thanks !

Hady Tarek
Just an illusion & before sunset are my picks, thank you :)

Matias Ricciardi
Mindshield for me!

santiago linguer
nice!!! thanks (balkan connection)

Volkan Erman (Massive Harmony Records-Clinique Recordings-Mystic Carousel Reco)
Amazing Ep Thanks

Ri Za (Traum Schallplatten, Stellar Fountain, SETA, System Recordings, )
Mindshield is for me, thanks

Manufactura Deep (Balkan Connection, Carica group, Gree Snake Records, Kansak Reco)
mindshield for me.

4Mal (GU / Armada / Baroque / Lost Language / FlipCube)
'Before Sunset' for us 4Mal guys, thank you!

nice tunes dude!!!

Wilson & McLennan (Stripped Records, Arrant Records, Deep Blue eyes, OLD SQL Record)
Mindshield - Oregano is quality. I was hovering my mouse over the Not For Me button but that track stopped me. Let You Go is also great.

Deep In Calm (Electronic Tree, Deep Dive Records, Soundteller Records)
Mindshield sounds nice.

Milan Bogdanovic (Insomniafm, Bobar radio)
very nice EP, DL.

John Johnson (Bedrock, Avex, Armada, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole, Touche)
Thanks for sending, downloading to check out later

Yuriy From Russia (Outside The Box, Baroque, Proton, Sick Watona, Dark Pleasure)
Great pack!

Damon Marshall
Amazing release!!! They all work for me. Thanks for sharing!

Carlos Fox (DNA Radio / Logicsounds radio)
I love this pack..!

Sezer Uysal aka Spennu (MOS, Loco Records)
Artsever`s mix is really nice, will play and support. thanks !

Graziano Raffa (Sudbeat)
not my style. thanks anyway

Andy King (Perspectives Digital, Lowbit Records)
Will try Oregano, thanks

Kris Brown / Castano (Intercity Records, Stripped)
Let You Go & Oregano for me :) tx

Andy Ascencio (Balkan Connection/Sambuca Records/BedroomRecords/BWG)
I like "Orgegano" nice work !

NameSpace (99%/Stripped/Pro-Btech)
Great EP, some cool stuff on here!

Haroun Omar (Sound Central Kabul)
Let You Go is great!

Diego Macias (Stripped Digital, TRR Label, InfraDigrecords, We Are Here Record)
Oregano is the one.

Cristian Poow (Dbeatzion/Baroque/Proton/Swishcraft)
"Oregano" keeps the real progressive sound!

Silvio Gutierrez
Good Stuff Thanks !

Adam Oland (Oland Recordings, et. al.)
Great stuff!

Olga Misty (Ocean Planet on Pure.FM)
Oregano is great! Thanks!

Snorkle (Perfect Session Records, MistiqueMusic, Lynx, Reelaux, Elliptica)
Mindshield - Oregano & TK - Puzzles for me THX!

Thanks! Downloading

Athan (Deepsessions / Friskyradio / Sellut Artists)

Oregano !!! love it... thanks !

Dmitriy Toks (VO&TO/COF/Rezone Records)
Full support Romanian producers and deejays!!!!

Gux Jimenez (Round Triangle / Nueva / System / Mistique / Portrait Digital)
Just an Illusion love it!! thanks

Blake Baltimore (DI.FM)
Let You Go & Oregano for me. Thanks!

Ezequiel Marotte

Gerardo Boscarino (Frisky Radio)
oregano works for me. thanks

Reelaux (Armada, Baroque, Inkfish)
oregano for me, thx a lot!

PatriZe (InsomniaFM, Tenzi, Thisisprogressive, The Movement)
Pompeo & Mindshield are nice! thanx

Sasha Alx (Pure.FM)
"Just an Illusion" and "Let You Go" for me. Also will try "Oregano", thanks

Oregano is awesome! Just An Illusion also very nice

No Sonic Limits (Massive Harmony / Suffused / Crosslink)
Oregano is quite nice. Thanks.

Idacio (RoM)
Oregano for me. Will support & thank you.

Jack (Evolved Artists)
Green Noise & Pillman - Just An Illusion - Great track, real old funky house vibe to it, reminiscent of defected records trademark sounds. Kudos, great production. Mariano Pompeo - Let You Go - Well produced, but a little lacking in depth almost a degree of montony with the track. Andrey Subbotin - Before Sunset (Artserver Remix) - A nice progressive trance vibe, perfect for building a mood, rhythm and vibe in a set. Although it isn't a standout track for me, 6.5/10. Bo Willsson - Bumy - This track is a standout track, excellent driving tech bassline which complements the electro elements perfectly. Although this is all labelled as prog-house, I would definitely put this in the prog/tech-trance category. A real awakener. Kudos. Mindshield - Oregano - A real deep prog-house vibe with a solid beat. TK - Puzzles - A nice uplifting beat with some strong melodies and drops. Overall a solid prog-house club friendly sound, barring the vocal sample which is awful.

Samotarev (Green Snake,Bonzai,Progrez,Baroque)
Great stuff from Mariano Pompeo & Mindshield. Thanks!

Michel Zola (friskyradio,freeze mgzn)
nice tracks..oregano and just an illusion are interesting!

Federico Monachesi (Baroque / Liquid Grooves / Bellarine / BRM / Stereo FX)

Alfonso Padilla (
downloading thanks.

Pavel Skinner (Baroque/BCSA/Stellar Fountain)
Oregano is my pick, thanks!

Cj Peeton (Play Dublin , Stellar Fountain , ADR , Bonzai.........)
Oregano is the best ....

Oregano for me, thanx!

Hypoxia (Smart Phenomena Records)
Cool release. Will probably drop some of theese tracks on Radio 3 Norway soon :)

Pillman (Vibe FM)
interesting compilatio :-D

Lexx Groove
i like just an illusion! thanks!

thank you

Scotty Sunday (Nueva Digital / ESM / Soundpond)
Just an Illusion is nice.

Flashtech (Armada / Flashover / Alter Ego / Neuroscience / Perceptive / Rou)
Oregano is nice

MH20 (Molecule / Round Triangle / ESM / MidnightMood / Fuzzy)
Just An Illusion, sounds good to me! thinking about playing it. Nice compilation

Andrew Benson (Enhanced / Black Hole / Macarize / Moonbeam Digital / Particles )
So different tunes in the pack. Just an Illusion for me

Vasiliy Goodkov
Great music!!! Thank you!!!

Mindshield & Mariano Pompeo for me. Downloaded Thanks

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Another good one! :) Thanks for the music!

Mike Griego (Sudbeat,Hope, Replug)
Not for me, but thanks for the music.

Several Spirits (PHW/ESM/MM/WRR/SP/EM/ABP)
Like this: let you go, before sunset, oregano. Thx.

Green Noise & Pillman, Mariano Pompeo, Bo Wilson and Mindshield for me thanks! :)

Arr Man Deco / DJ / Producer / Hello World - Mix of The Week
It's a really good one !

K-Pax (Babylon/Baroque/Pleasure)
nice ep! thanks :)

G 'N' P Tauro (Balkan Connection / BCSA / Pure Substance / Baires Rec.)
Mariano Pompeo for me

Oliver Petkovski (GreenSnake/Artefact/OldSql/FlyingBird/PerfectSession/SubUrban/Pr)
great ep!!! Mindshield is my pick!!!

Nomean (Tulipa / Pure Substance)
'Let You Go' sounds awesome!

Denis Laurent (Silk, Solaris, Intricate, AMH, Magic room.)
Nice! T Y =)

Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records / Pacha / MOS)
Nice Ep, Thanks

Terry Da Libra (Enhanced Music / Silk Music)
Will check it out , thanks! :)

Ewan Rill (Deep Dusk) (Magic Room)
Mindshield for me, thanks!

Oscar Vazquez
Mariano Pompeo remix for me!! thanks

Sound Travell3r (
club tracks exept let you go and oreagano arent prog ..... :-/

Vintage & Morelli (Silk/Arrival)
Illusion and maybe Oregano. Cheers

Beat Syndrome (Sound Avenue, System Recordings, Movement, Agara, Ballkan Connec)
Mariano Pompeo here . thanks!

Probity (Arrival / Silk Music)
Just An Illusion for me, thanks!

d-phrag (Bonzai / System / Mirabilis / Stripped / Balkan Connection)
Mariano Pompeo for me, the rest is bit too SHM for me

Gvozdini (DAR/Particles/Liquid Grooves/Reelaux/Stereo Paradise/Miocene/Ste)
Powerful VA, thanks. )

Matias Fernandez Vina (TwoSounds Records, Usessions Records)
Very Good Promo!

Adnan Jakubovic (DAR Digital,OLD SQL,Carica, Mistique)
Oregano for me. Thanks

Lost Chord (BCSA, Electronic Tree, Stellar Fountain,)
Green Noise & Pillman my fav! Thank's.

Nimi Dovrat
very nice

Mistol Team (Baroque / Mango Alley / Freegrant Music / Balkan Connection)
Nice sounds, congratz from Argentina

Nick Wurzer (Mystic Carousel Rec,Usessions Rec))
Oregano is my Peak here!

Charly Aguada
nice, let you go for me! thanks

Ivan Nikusev (OLD SQL Recordings)

oregano for me thanks

Arion Grey (Musicon)
Just an Illusion is pretty nice.

Andre Volodin (Green House,Baroque,Progrez.)

Jelly For The Babies (Particles / Balkan Connection)
Just An Illusion is cool!


Mariano Pompeo&Mindshield track is top on this release!Thnx!

Nic von Tribe (frisky Records/System Records/Ananas Records/ Beat Rude Records)
Supporting all!!!

Michael & Levan (Mistique Music, Kunai Records)

Feri (Proton Music, Stereo Enchained, Stellar Fountain, Per-vurt)
Oregano is for me , Thanks !.

Let you go and Oregano for me ..thanks :)

Mario Puccio (Sound Avenue / Stripped Digital / Hype Muzik/ Lowbit Records )
Good Staff!!! Thanks!

Not For Sale
Just an Illustion is the pick.

Paul Lennar (Proton/Classound/Dopamine/Bermudos/Future Synth/Mistique Music/S)
thks only for me Oregano!!!

Mindshield (Balkan Connection, BCSA, Stellar fountain)
and i like before sunset

MiraculuM (Stellar Fountain/Proton)
Mindshield is good, thank you!

Topo (insomniafm)

K I N T A R! (SUDAM - Frisky Radio )
Mariano Pompeo is my fav here. Thanks!

Soulwerk (Replug, Mooseeka, Change Audio)
let you go for me, thanks!

Ucleden (Broque)
Too proggy for me.

Alec Araujo (A Must Have, Plattenbank, Global Underground, Soulfire Downloads)
Thanks for sending.

Nick Novikoff (Proton / Supermarket / GMmS / Skilled)
Thank you, nice music) "Just An Illusion" + "Oregano" for me. Support!

Dj Lemy
Amazing pack!! Oregano my fav!! ... thanks!!

E.V.O.X (Crimean Electronic Band)
Oregano is fav here. Nice compilation, thanks!

Peter Meatman ((Stellar Fountain Records, Mistique Music, Old SQL))
Amazin Compilation !! Full Support !!

Marc Pole (Friskyradio)
Oregano, thanks !

Sima Deep (usessionsrecords, tm-radio)
Oregano for me... tnx!!

Neel V (Stellar Fountain, LuPS Records, Bonzai Progresive )
Oregano for me ;)

Ted Stinson (Deep Records, Stellar Fountain)
Oregano for me! Thanks!

timbenjamin (encore protonradio)
i may try oregano , thanks

Josh Abrams (ULTRA/Balkan Connection/Lowbit/S35/Baroque/Stripped Digital/LuPS)
Just An Illusion, and Let You Go for me. Thanks!

Ben Hysa (InsomniaFM, GWM Radio)
Great Compilation. "Let you go" & "Oregano" are my picks here. Support!!!

Sinior Cliff (InsomniaFm,Usessions)
very nice pack ! :)

Sasha Le Monnier (Proton Radio / DI FM)
Let You Go stands out the most and one, kinda more suited to my style / sets...might try this, thanks!

Nikko.Z (Dopamine,Sudbeat,Vapour,Movement)
not my style! thanks anyway

Franzis-D (Mystic Carousel Records)
great compilation :)

Luke Mandala (Desert Trax, Traum, Selador, Baroque, Activated)
'Let you go' is pretty cool :)

Ryan Sullivan (Triplefire Music, Manual Music, Perc Trax, Baroque Records, Mist)
Something in here for everyone. Nice.

Meher Khairi (Freegrant Music/Digitek Music/Future Synth Records /Smilax Publi)
My cup of tea Nice Tracks get my support

Muthanna M
Thanks........some nice tracks here!!!!

Greyloop (Stellar Fountain, Green Martian)
Oregano is my pick here! Awesome work by Mindshield!


CzD (Frisky Radio)

DJ Samer (Baroque, Pangea, Spundae, Stellar Fountain, Pangea, frisky...)

Joe Kolbohm
Love the vibes going on with Mindshield- Oregano

Jordan Petrof (TM Radio/Insomnia Fm/Pure.FM)
great release .full support ! tnx

Dale Middleton (Parquet/OutsideTheBox/Lowbit)
Thanks, Oregano is the one for me! Support

Alizeo (Smart Phenomena ,Muenchen,Electronic Tree,24 Bit, )
just an illusion and before sunset for me! love the album!

Johan (DI Channel Manager)
Nice pack. Oregano is my pick here

Suffused (friskyRadio/Proton | Suffused Music/Polarities, Baroque, Mistiqu)
Oregano is my favorite here, thanks

White Resonance (bcsa/spherax/deep blue eyes /uxmal records)
nice compo thanx downloading (Mistique/Pure/TM/28B)
Oregano fits my sound thanks!

Peaceful Mind (KP Recordings)

Bo Willsson
My support for all track from this compilation :)



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