Appa Glas - Sunrise collective

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Appa Glas - Sunrise collective // Shelving Music [SHM045]
Genre: Deep House,
Release Date: Dec 18 2012
Label: Shelving Music






Release Info:

Finest deep house vibes on this release featuring the amazing vocals by Appa Glas. Memorable melodies and lyrics on the original mix. Featuring massive remixes by well known Shelving Music's artists, Brian Morse, Deryk Rossen, Jeremy Juno, Juan Lombardo. Warm welcome to this German duo, Jo and Clara. Find more information and tracks here:

Release date:
Beatport Exclusive: December 18, 2012.
All stores: January 15, 2013.


Feedback (43):


Alvaro Smart (Relief / Material)
Complete EP, Jeremy Juno Remix is my pick. Thanks for sending!

Gee van D (DJ The Gee) (Gee Spot Recordings)
Very nice release like it alot ... full support

Fedde Le Grand (Ministry Of Sound / Defected / Kontor / Ultra / Armada / Spinnin)
Thank you for the music you sent us! We look forward to reviewing it. Should we decide to use your material we will notify you as soon as possible...

Juan Lombardo (Shelving Music, Deep Nota Records, Balkan Tech, Waldliebe Famili)
BIG EP! Nice to be part of it.

Longfield (Official)
Very nice Remixes! Jeremy Juno as favorite! Thanks!

Sezer Uysal (Suara)
jeremy is for me, cheers

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
download for r hawtin

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Great one! Thanks for the music!

Andy Ward (Pressure Radio DJ)
juno mix was big !! caught me by surprise !

Juno's one is my pick but very solid EP, congrats!

DC Brown (Shelving Music , deep Harmonic Sessions)
original and jeremy juno are the ones for me all round slick E.P

Conrad Greggor(Shelving Music/Deep Nota) (Shelving Music. Black Soul, Shout Records)
Thanks! Great Release! Support!

Cornet (Di One Music)
Thanks you!!

Rishi K. (i Records, Seta Label..)
Awesome stuff here! Jeremy Juno is my pick here but all are great thanks!!

Smootrab (Mjuzieek, Big Alliance, ...)
Solid EP overall! Thanks

DJ SaF (Official) (Kaleydo Records / Traktoria / Crossworlder Music)

Di Costa (West Radio/DeepWit Recordings/Ready Mix Records/Bilanez Music)
Not really convinced by the original mix - not my thing to be honest, but there are a bunch of nice remixes in this package. Jeremy Juno is my favorite - great modern feel giving you the desire to dance your ass nicely. Brian Morse's remix is my other pick followed by Juan Lombardo's one. Will surely support those!!! Thanks for sending!

MSMS (Noir Music, Plastic City)
Cool EP, txs!

Martin Etchegaray (Replug, Particles, Per-Vurt, B:Co, Stripped)
amazing release! juan and jeremy's mixes are for me. thanks

Eddie Hu (Revox Records,Nervous Records)
Jeremy Juno remix & Brain Morse remix for me , thx

Gabriel Slick (Crossworld, SLiCK)
Breat pack! Will try out!

John P. (
cool sounds! will play on west! thanks

A perfect track for a moment of collective euphoria. Hard to pick a favourite but Original captures the mood perfectly.

Lars Neubert (Casual Lab)
nice EP. but the vocals aren't my thing. thx.

Asona (Cool Kid Music, Shelving Music, DeepWit, Dance:Revolt, Alma Soul)
Great release, enjoying the original and each remix stands its on with its own take. Will support!

Magnus Johanson (Ignite Sessions)
Great package of tunes here! Liked Juan Lombardo Remix the best :)))

DJ Samer (Baroque, Pangea, Spundae, Stellar Fountain, Pangea, frisky...)
Morse takes the cake here.

Kenny Brian (Resopal Schallware/Time Has Changed/Antura Records)
Really Nice sounds, full support :: thanks !!!

ev3rsun (Blue orb records,Shelving music,Groove Garden)
Incredible release. I will be rinsing all of these for sure!

Niki Belucci (Radio FG)
great ep

Jens L.
fantastic release, liking the original and the Juan Lombardo Remix! thanks

Gabriel H (Dual Flow)
Thank's, Jeremy remix for me

Deteque (Slowpitch recordings)
This is a very good ep.....Original and JJ 4 me

Evren Ulusoy (i! Records/ Moodmusic / Loco / Proton / Outside The Box / I Rec)
liking the jeremy's remix here.thanks!

Solunamanalia (Dutchie, KingStreet, Aenaria etc)
Jeremy Juno remix!! huge package!

Kaixta (D.I. FM-Deeperfect-Fix By Six-Bonzai Basiks)
great release again, Juno my fav

Mathew Scott
Great Release with tight support from the Shelving Collective. Full support!

Luis Armando (Influential House,Soak, Ahoren,Shelviing,Hocus Pocus)
Nice EP, Juan RMX is Supa :)

Brian Morse
Thanks Jo and Clara .. had a blast doing the remix. Already playing it out in NYC!

Jon Billick (Lens Media, Shelving Music, Kula Records, Cosmic Disco)
Shout out to Morse & Juno for the fire mixes. Overall great pack, support!

Vlada D'Shake
Original, Juno & Lombardo rmx is massive! dl,tnx

Neil Rush (Neil Rush Music Portugal)
A really fabulous mixture of tunes making this an absolutely great release. Love Jeremy Juno's mix...old skool meets new cool!!

Jeremy Juno
This is one of the best Shelving releases, diverse remixes complimenting the massive Original. Glad to be a part of it.



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