ev3rsun - Find it someday

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ev3rsun - Find it someday // Shelving Music [SHM046]
Genre: Deep House,
Release Date: Dec 26 2012
Label: Shelving Music
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=Shelving_Music






Release Info:

Some new purest sounds by ev3rsun, something to bring to the latest gig of the year, something to say "bye bye 2012". Enjoy the excellence of deep house vibes on this release. See you next year!

Release date:
Beatport Exclusive: Dec 26, 2012
All stores: Jan 09, 2013.


Feedback (39):


Gee van D (DJ The Gee) (Gee Spot Recordings)
Good release thanx

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
download for r hawtin

Juan Lombardo (Shelving Music, Deep Nota Records, Balkan Tech, Waldliebe Famili)
super creative ep! love it

Fedde Le Grand (Ministry Of Sound / Defected / Kontor / Ultra / Armada / Spinnin)
Thank you for the music you sent us! We look forward to reviewing it. Should we decide to use your material we will notify you as soon as possible...

Alvaro Smart (Relief / Material)
Find it someday, nice work here and good feelings with the saxo

Kurtz (Milk & Sugar, Traum, Dear Deer, Deepclass, Neorecords, 5 and)
If your feeling is a nice chill-house tune, even if I play it at less bpm, thanks for the music

ev3rsun (Blue orb records,Shelving music,Groove Garden)
Thank you everyone for the nice comments, and support. Cheers :)

Edmond Binoge (Artist / Producer / Musician)
Nice pack ... cool things

Soulmelt (Sesque)
not feeling this one, sorry

DC Brown (Shelving Music , deep Harmonic Sessions)
nice E.P some justice and Find it someday Slick tracks

Jeremy Juno
"Find it someday" is such a smooth tune. Love it.

Conrad Greggor(Shelving Music/Deep Nota) (Shelving Music. Black Soul, Shout Records)
Great release brother. Some more Justice for me! Great work!

Cornet (Di One Music)
Thanks !!

Rishi K. (i Records, Seta Label..)
Absolutely great and original!! Thanks!!

Some more Justice is the pick for me - contains more emotional punch and energy than the other tracks. There's interesting use of musical elements throughout the whole EP which certainly makes it stand apart from the generic deep house sound

Neil Rush (Neil Rush Music Portugal)
this ep is full of textures and layers....just lovely!! fine deepnes from this very special artist

"If your feeling left out" is my fav here! Thanks!

Smootrab (Mjuzieek, Big Alliance, ...)
What a fresh release, love it! Thx

DJ SaF (Official) (Kaleydo Records / Traktoria / Crossworlder Music)
I'm flying... super support!!!

Di Costa (West Radio/DeepWit Recordings/Ready Mix Records/Bilanez Music)
I like the Soulful-ish sound of 'Some More Justice', as for the other two tracks... There's something missing. A bit catchy but not enough frankly. Will try the 1st one I mentioned. Cheers!

Damien Osborne (Chinese Laundry Sydney)
If your feeling left out is a very nice track ! full support :)

RoBBerto (Black Plastik Records, Neptuun City, Redbox Records)
Find it Some Day is the one for me, great smooth little number

Vlada D'Shake
Great release,will support this!@ dl,tnx

Gabriel H (Dual Flow)
Thank´s love the saxo!

Eddie Hu (Revox Records,Nervous Records)

Nacho Riveros (Mood You Records, Shelving Music, Deep Nota)
Great EP, full support!!!

Jens L.
really nice ep. full support, thanks

Gabriel Slick (Crossworld, SLiCK)
Thanks, downloading!

Marcelo Méndez (Tunnel FM / Spirit Soul Records)
Great EP, Will defo support on Tunnel FM, Thanks...

Solunamanalia (Dutchie, KingStreet, Aenaria etc)
Find it someday for us, Great EP thanks for sending!

John P. (westradio.gr)
great sounds by ev3rsun! thanks

Lars Neubert (Casual Lab)
very nice EP. all tracks for me. thx.

Kenny Brian (Resopal Schallware/Time Has Changed/Antura Records)
really nice thanks

Asona (Cool Kid Music, Shelving Music, DeepWit, Dance:Revolt, Alma Soul)
Ha! Leave it to ev3rsun to make dope release! Will sport

Niki Belucci (Radio FG)
great stuff

Magnus Johanson (Ignite Sessions)
Real nice!! In support :)))

Mathew Scott
Great mix of tunes. All great production but love 'Some More Justice'

DJ Samer (Baroque, Pangea, Spundae, Stellar Fountain, Pangea, frisky...)
Find it

Luis Armando (Influential House,Soak, Ahoren,Shelviing,Hocus Pocus)
Great EP :)



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