Verve - Enchant

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Verve - Enchant // Postulate Records [POSTULATE003]
Genre: Prog-House,
Release Date: Nov 27 2012
Label: Postulate Records





1 Verve - Enchant (Original Mix)
2 Verve - Enchant (John Axiom Remix)
3 Verve - Enchant (Matias Chilano Remix)


Release Info:

Another stunning release coming out on Postulate Records. This time our label presents a new single called "Enchant ''by Verve.Great progressive house remixes by John Axiom and Matias Chilano makes this release even more harmonious and energetic.


Feedback (54):


Manuel Sofia (Natura Sonoris - Sudbeat - Noizen)
Good tracks, Johnny's remix is my pick :)

Tvardovsky (Dear Deer/Stereo Paradise)
Very good release. John Axiom remix is my pick. Thanks!

Silinder (Proton/Sudbeat/Disco Gecko Recordings)
MC remix for me, thanks :)

Nick Warren (Hope Recordings)
excellent release

Hernan Cattaneo ( )
good stuff

Oliver Schories (SOSO / Hamburg)
Mathias for me. Thank you

Mehmet Akar
mati for me! thanks

Luis Bondio (Renaissance/Hope/Sudbeat/microCastle/Classound)
good pack!! thanks!

Microtrauma (TRAUM)
Matias Chilano rocks

all mixes work for me thanks for sending

Lonya (Sudbeat, Asymmetric, Parquet, Flow)
very good release , support

Sonic Union (Lowbit, Replug, Anjunadeep)
Top class package overall! all versions are really great and it makes it very hard to pick a favorite! nicely done and thanks!

Mike Griego (microCastle, Bedrock, Sudbeat)
Good music, thanks!

Verve (FutureForm/Proton/Mesmeric)
Excellent remixes from John and Matias! Thanks boys. Glad to be part of the Postulate fam.

Ioan Gamboa (Madberlin//Sudbeat//Natura Sonoris)
lovely release, original is really cool and remixes make the release special. congratulations buddy

Sound Process (Cajual - Nervous)
original & Johnys for me. Thanks!

Steffie Ditzel (Body Condition , Klopfgeist, Retune music)
Matias for me!

James Warren (Baroque/Proton/Olaris/Silk)
All 3 hitting the high notes here. Particularly liking the deep bass vibe of the Matias Chilano interpretation.

Mono Electric Orchestra (Circular Sound Recordings)
Nice vibes not my style sorry

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Lovely release. Original & Matias Chilano remix for me.

Vlada D'Shake
Great release will support & playing this! dl,tnx

Progreg (Particles / Nueva)
great ep! full support

Yamil Colucci
Really good pack, Original mix for me, thanks!

dPen (Afterglow, Hope Recs, Diez Mil)
Nice release!

all 3 mixes are excellent, will play very soon!! Thanks for the music!

John Axiom (Aegyptia,Natura Sonoris)

Fantastic EP, thanks!

Tech D
what a stuff! full support

Wade Bennett (Baroque, Lowbit, Cinematique)
great stuffwill supportthanks

great release. cheers

matias chilano remix for me. thanks!

Madloch (Sound Avenue / 3rd Avenue / Crossfade Sounds)
Great package!

Monster of Density (Sound Avenue/Lowbit/Crossfrontier Audio/Movement/Bermudos/Dopami)
All mixes are really good, but original mix is top quality! Thanks!

Marcelo Vasami (Subtract/Replug)
good stuff. thanks.

Van Did (Traum/Grrreat Recordings)
Matias chilano remix is really cool :) thankx

Andy King (Stripped /Perspectives Digital/Lowbit/Iconyc/AH Digital)
Nice release

Caiwo/Music Supervisor
Matas Chilano for me,thank you!

Nick Varon (Sudbeat)
Matias remix for me :)

Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
Sounds good

Darin Epsilon (Perspectives, Sudbeat, Global Underground, Hope, Renaissance, Pa)
Solid package, great work by the remixers!

Mathew Lynch (Sudbeat Music, Mistique Digital, Kansak Recordings ,Omnis Recor)
cool ep, nice vibes. Thanks !!

Stas Drive (Chapter24|Microcastle| Selador| Sudbeat|Movement)
Very good Ep. My full support. Thanks!

Li-Polymer (Sudbeat Music / Movement Recordings / Particles / Dopamine Music)
Very good stuff!

Fernando Ferreyra (friskyRadio - Dreamers)
Awesome Tracks!!!! 3 tracks work for me, Thanks

Navar (Lost & Found)
Verve - Enchant (Matias Chilano Remix) is a very good remix! Thank you very much!.

Gvozdini (Replug/Movement/Enhanced/Manual/MoonChild/Per-vur/Particles)
All EP is great. Thanks!

Ezequiel Andrade (Southsight Rec. )
Good Pack, Original is my pick here...thanks

Rodrigo Mateo (Perspectives, Baires)
Axiom remix is fantastic! Chilano remix is amazing as well

Really nice tracks!! Support, thanks.

Erdi Irmak (Movement / Manual / Proton / Mango Alley)
great EP!!! all tracks are nice. Thanks

Soulwerk (Proton, Hope, Perspectives, Mooseeka)
Original & John´s remix will work for me, thanks!

Matias Chilano (DJ - Producer)
thanks a lot!!! glad to be part of this!! :)

Erich Von Kollar
Quality productions! Respect, guys!

Oscar Vazquez (RPO, Particles, Electronic Colors)
Very nice ep!! all tracks are good, my favorite is Matias remix!!



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