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Release Date: Jan 01 1970






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Michel de Hey (Hey! Muzik)
Not For Me

Ryan Davis (Traum:Klangwelt:Anjunadeep)
kyson remix is a nice one!

Oliver Schories (SOSO / Hamburg)
As always great electronica!!! Thank you

Stuart Millar (BBC R1 Introducing / RTE Pulse)
Nice to listen to

Luciano (Cadenza Records)
Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano

Thanks for the music, dowloading for Luciano

John Digweed (Bedrock)
Beautiful voice, Kyson mix..

Maya Jane Coles
Amazing release :)

X-Press 2 (X-Press 2. Ministry of Sound Radio)
V Nice.

M.A.N.D.Y. and Dj T. (Get Physical Music)
will download. thank you for good music!

Ashley Beedle (Out Hear Audio)
Not For Me

Justin Harris (Freaks)
v.cooool - thanks :)

salah sadeq (techfui, the crate, bitm)
the audio is not playing but will respond after i here the downloads

Dr. Kucho!
Not For Me

Steve Parry (Selador/SMP3/Luna/Juice FM/Red Zone)
really wicked

Coyu (Suara)
Kyson remix is magic

Sound Process (Cajual - Nervous)
Beautful music! Thanks!

Jamie Stevens (microCastle|Bedrock)
Just wonderful, guys. <3

Barry Jamieson (Circular Sound Recordings)
Wicked remix

Great release, great vocals. ::))

Of Norway (Of Norway)
I am hopeless at listening to promos, but I am glad I did this one! The Kyson remix is divine! Vegard/Of Norway

Harder Faster Site
THe Dubfunk mix is cool. :)

Ryan Vail
Kyson Remix is really nice...

as usual, loving the release

Tool Room Records / Stuart Knight (Toolroom Records)
cool and chilled

Timo Garcia (Exploited / OFF / Skint)
beautiful music

Adam K
Really like the record, downloading and suggesting for Adam K to include in his live sets and for the radio show/podcast. We'll let you know if Adam's supporting the record.

Boshell (Bakroom/Proton/238W/Omnis)
Kyson remix is special, love all 3 to be honest :)

James Best (Residence, Coach, )
Nice release. Kyson remix for me..

98 Percent Chimp (Manalogue.com)
You guys are like the King Midas of music labels... another great release! Original is my fav. Kyson and Dubfunk is great, too.

Monaque (Get Physical, Renaissance)

Fady Ferraye (Hurly Burly,B018,Audio Therapy)
I like it.

Darren Emerson
v.nice tracks

Nick Muir (Bedrock)
Classy to be sure - like the dubfunk mix

Stuart Wilkinson
Quality production! lush vocals ;)

Kruse n Nürnberg
Again... ACE release.

Lank (Boz Boz, microCastle, Baroque)
Kyson remix is amazing, thanks for the music!

Andy Baxter (Pacha Ibiza Resident)
great for sunset sessions

Alex Nemec (Mirabilis, Tronic, Respekt, Rekluse, Flow Vinyl, Baroque)
dubfunk is ace!

Deepfunk (Sixtysevensuns)
very nice!!!

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / microCastle / Replug / Perspectives Digital / Balkan )
Lovely release! Remixes are ace :)

Harold Heath
classy, thanks for sending

Thanks! Downloading for pumpedaudio.com

Joe Saltiel (NIGHTLAW.net)
great remixes

Nick Varon (Sudbeat)
Love it !

Felix Feygin (Chordashian)
great, as usual

Warmth ( )
I love the folkie feeling on the original from Nut Nut. No need to talk about Kyson and his always magic touch, Dubfunk remix is also very beautiful.

Silinder (Proton/Sudbeat/Disco Gecko Recordings)
Great stuff guys, love the Kyson remix :)

Da Funk (Acryl / Plastic City / Hope / Pacha / AnjunaDeep / Spring Tube)
kyson remix for me

Nick Stoynoff (Alola, Armada, Black Hole, Baroque, Proto)
Gorgeous stuff, Kyson mix for me:)

Martin Virgin

Martin Garcia
Great music, great label

Jay Kay
top notch as always

ryan thompson
Beautiful music, Kyson remix sounds ace! Thanks

Slezak & Vogt
another great release

Kassey Voorn (Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)
Fantastic - Kyson's mix!

Denis Kayron (Natura Sonoris)
great! thanks!

Fran Von Vie
Love it, Kyson's mix is ACE Thanks!

Orla Feeney
Thank you

Arjun Vagale (Trapez Ltd / Herzblut / KD Music / Suara)
BEAUTIFL release again, Kyson remix has to be my fav

De:Bug (De:Bug)
considering for review

lovely stuff. kyson for me.

Great vocal, Kyson mix is my fave!

Solomun (Diynamic)
Hello, i am downloading and pre checking all promos for Solomun. I will give you a personal feedback if he plays and supports this release. Thanks a lot and have a great day.

Paul Jackson
Crackerlacking! Bravo (again) :) Thank You x

David Lam (Audio Kaleidoscope )
Very Good Music Thanks

RICH CURTIS (Sudbeat/Proton/SexonWax)
Not For Me

Derek Howell (Hope, GU, Bedrock, Master Lux)
Lovely stuff. Always great tunes from the DhARMA label.

Beaumont Stanford
Love the whole EP. Inspiring!

Terry Grant ( Bedrock / Deep / Classic)
Ace, once again. You guys are on fire. ;)

Neil Quigley (REfINE)
Great music, what a voice.

Giuseppe Morabito aka Abyss (freelance)
love it!hope to play out soon!

Claes Rosen (MOS/ GU / Unreleased Digital / Mondo / Brown Eyed Boys / Strippe)
Kyson remix sounds nice

Fredérick Fringe
Kyson Remix for me all the way, lovely vibes from start to finish.

Norman H (strippedmuzikclub)
A dreamy start to 2013 one that you could leave me with in a hatch pushing a button every 108 minutes.

i love the original and kyson is definitely on fire! much love for this release

Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast | Coldharbour Recordings)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus.

Jemmy (Bedrock)
this is ace

PHM (Traum / Parquet / Manual Music)
loving the original but both the remixes are very good too!

Mango (Mango Alley)
kyson remix sounds great! hypnotic rhythms!

Tim Paris (MI5)
superb singing !

Evren Ulusoy (Evren Ulusoy)
Kyson for me.thanks!

Greg Fenton (Magazine Sixty/DMC magazine)
good vocal

Kyson Remix is absolutely stunning, will be playing this for sure! Gorgeous, lush atmospheric vibes that you could just swim in!

Timmo (Drumcode)
kyson remix is very strong

Undo (Factor City / Envolvent / Razzmatazz)
beautiful, kyson remix for me.

All Inc
Hopeless is a nice track with some folk elements from switzerland ;) i like it. Kyson's Remix is very nice. Sound's a little Sun Glitters-like which i love.

Herc Kass (FutureForm / friskyRadio)
brilliant, this is art

Igor Cold
Kyson's remix sounds warm! Thanx Dharma.

I love the original one !!!

David Granha (Sincopat, Selador, Einmusika)
I do love this engaging label, every release improves the last one, impossible to enhance it, congratulations again.

Adam Russell
Not For Me

Galaxie 95.30FM
really nice piece of music.

in love with the whole ep, thank you!!

Van Did (Traum, Grrreat Recordings)
I love the Kyson style, supporting this for sure :)

Chang "Bang" (RBMA, Clash!)
Awesome chillout, thanks! Swaying to the Kyson remix!

Ian O Donovan (KMS, Bedrock)
Kyson remix is particularly nice, thnx.

Thanks guys,lovely stuff...All good, diggin very much Dubfunk's approach!!!

Kyson Remix :)

Summer (Tulipa Recordings)
Very nice.

Grant Paterson (Edinburghnews,UK)
Very nice, really diggin the music. Thanks

Tunnel FM (Owner @ Tunnel FM / A&R @ Cimelde Records )
Dope as usual guys, thanks for the music ;)

Jerico (TallHouseDigital, 22 Digit)
Loving this great voic, Support. cheers lads

Tom Glass (Hope Recordings)
Kyson remix is stunning - thank you so much again for brilliant music!

Strange Town (Strange Town Recordings)
Original is very beautiful but Im digging the hole release, nice work here

Tim Thaler (BLN FM)
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Belrin.

Andrew Slattery (Darkbeat, Faciendo)
Thanks Dibs! Beautiful music! Love the kyson and dubfunk mixes!!

Kal Jhugroo (The Underground)
kyson remix is cool



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