Luis Armando - Lost EP

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Luis Armando - Lost EP // Shelving Music [SHM048]
Genre: Tech-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Mar 05 2013
Label: Shelving Music





1 Luis Armando - Lost (Original Mix)
2 Luis Armando - Get Em Some (Original Mix)
3 Luis Armando - Buya (Original Mix)


Release Info:

Release date:
Beatport: March 05, 2013
All stores: April 02, 2013

Commercial description:
After the bomb remix for Conrad Greggor s 'Sweet revelation' released by Shelving Music in 2012, Luis Armando comes back with a three track EP. His unique tech house style inspired us to launch our first Tech House EP. But, you can also notice the deep house influence that confirm this release is perfect for our fans.

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Luis Armando:

Thanks to all for your support!


Feedback (79):


Oliver Heldens (Musical Freedom, Spinnin' Records, FFRR, DOORN Records)
Fantastic EP!! Full Support!! Thanks!! :))

Sezer Uysal (Suara)
will try it out, thanks !

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Thanks for the music! Full support!!! :)

Longfield (Official)
Big EP! Big up for Luis Armando, regards Attwork

Fedde Le Grand (Ministry Of Sound / Defected / Kontor / Ultra / Armada / Spinnin)
Thank you for the music you sent us! We look forward to reviewing it. Should we decide to use your material we will notify you as soon as possible...

Kevin Over (Noir Music)
"Buya" sounds interesting!

Get Em Some!! good percussions thanks

Crocodile Soup (Tzinah records/Kina Music)
buya is nice!

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Moody Manc (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
Great groove on lost for me thanks

Deep Future (Gruuv, Noir)
Very Nice Release , thanks ;-)

Juan Lombardo (Shelving Music, Deep Nota Records, Balkan Tech, Waldliebe Famili)
Amazing release by Luis Armando. Loving the deep tech house sounds. Massive!

P.asti (Deepvibes Radio)
Hey Luis, for me it´s Buya, full support for all, thank you !

Smootrab (Mjuzieek, Big Alliance, ...)
Will support 'Get Em Some' ;) Thx

Nice EP. Support

Amplifide (128 And Up Magazine)
Thank you for allowing us to review your music. Look for your review in 128 and Up Magazine!

Kurtz (Milk & Sugar, Traum, Dear Deer, Deepclass, Neorecords, 5 and)
Buya for me, thanks for the music :)

DC Brown (Shelving Music , deep Harmonic Sessions)
thanks for the E.P get em some big tune!

Torben Hildebrandt (Das schöne Leben)
Nice EP, Buya for me.

Resoluto (Pure dog of Sound)
The percussive groove in "Lost" is the one for me. Cheers

Jonny Cruz (My Favorite Robot)
feeling get em some and buya

Zweistein (Cosmic Disco / DeepClass)
groovy stuff, thanks!

Kenny Brian (Resopal Schallware/Time Has Changed/Antura Records)
Nice Release Get Em Some for me, thanks ::

Sasha Le Monnier (3rdAvenue/ Proton)
Get Em Some is my fav, thanks

Vlada D'Shake
great grooves on this one! dl,tnx

Gabriel Slick (Crossworld, SLiCK)
Nice tunes! Thanks!

Rulers Of The Deep (Le Mans Recordings)
all three tracks are brilliant! respect!

Asona (Cool Kid Music, Shelving Music, DeepWit, Dance:Revolt, Alma Soul)
Solid deep tech sounds, great work

Dimitri Monev ((Baile Musik, Pins & Needles, Alboratory))
Buya sounds great , thanks !!

Marco Carola (Music On)
download for marco carola

Di Costa (West Radio/DeepWit Recordings/Ready Mix Records/Bilanez Music)
I used to be a true drum-lover and the sweet Dark Tribal Rhythms were bringing joy to my heart for many years. As such I do feel the charm of 'Lost' which is my only pick from this package. Nice one!

Eike Voigt (Inversion )
nice release

J-Hecht (Release Musiq, Shelving Music, Dispute Records)
Fantastic EP! Armando's sound just get's more unique and crafted with each release. Every track is on point, but Buya is where it's at for me.

Raytek (Tulipa Recordings, Transplant Recordings)
Great EP here. "Get Em Some" and "Lost" are my two favorites

Love the groove on 'Lost' but the whole EP has quality all over, thanks :D

Dan Rese
Get Em Some., Great bridge between Deep and Tech House. Love it!

Jamie O'Sullivan (,,
Buya and Lost for me. Nice all round. Supported!

Gabriel H (Dual Flow)
Thank´s! =)

Albert Marzinotto (Snatch! Records - BluFIn - Bitten)
get em some nice track! thx

Dan Price (Fracas Music)
Buya's got that deep swing for me. Great work, brother! ;)

DJ Samer (Baroque, Pangea, Spundae, Stellar Fountain, Pangea, frisky...)
cool techy grooves.

Marius Heil
nice tracks! thx

Adriano Filippucci (Highgrade,Monique,Time Has changed,Musik Gewinnt Freunde,Einmale)
well done , man thank u

Stereo For Two (Baroque Records, Klangworx,White label Recordings,Doppelgaenger)
Great atmosphere @ Lost (Original Mix)!

Loving the percussive drive and energy on Get Em Some, like an update of that Halo, Siesta Music type of sound of which I'm a big fan. Great stuff

John P. (
nice dancefloor tracks! thanks

DJ Hightech (Traum, Lapsus Music, BCSA)
Buya for me! Great EP.

Cornet (Di One Music)
Great Release Armando, Thanks!

Magnus Johanson (Ignite Sessions)
Wicked pacakge of tunes! Lost & Buya for me! In support :))

Luis Armando (Influential House,Soak, Ahoren,Shelviing,Hocus Pocus)
Thanks for your support!

Athan (Deepsessions / Friskyradio / Sellout Artists)
Great ep!!

Jeremy Juno
Lost is my pick, thanks.

santiago deep
get em some for me

RoBBerto (Black Plastik Records, Neptuun City, Redbox Records)
Get Em Some for me, closely followed by Lost. Nice release

Niki Belucci (Radio FG)
nice release

Jens L.
great ep thanks, lost is it for me.

MSMS (Noir Music, Plastic City)
Get Em Some for us, thanks!

Marcelo Méndez (Tunnel FM / Spirit Soul Records)
lovely deep tech vibes here.. will try out, thanks!!

Lars Neubert (Casual Lab)
nice EP. thx. 'get em some' is my fav.

Eddie Hu (Revox Records,Nervous Records)
nice release, thank you

Kaixta (D.I. FM-Deeperfect-Fix By Six-Bonzai Basiks)
Thank You Shelving Music for releasing proper and awesome tech house sounds, can easy play and support that stuff on my sets. Lost is the pick!! Jazz and Latin flavour

Solunamanalia (Dutchie, KingStreet, Aenaria etc)
Lost for us, Great release!

ev3rsun (Blue orb records,Shelving music,Groove Garden)
The production on this entire release is next level!. Really diggin this techy offering, great job Luis

Edmond Binoge (Artist / Producer / Musician)
So Cool ... real thing for real parties !

Neil Rush (Neil Rush Music Portugal)
This complex yet simple ep is superb! great work from Luis Armando!! lovely, techy deep sounds all the way!!

Mathew Scott
Nice work Luis

Rishi K. (i Records, Seta Label..)
Nice work will play Get Em Some for sure :)

DJ SaF (Official) (Kaleydo Records / Traktoria / Crossworlder Music)

Conrad Greggor(Shelving Music/Deep Nota) (Shelving Music. Black Soul, Shout Records)
This is absolutely Brilliant! Full support! Definitely the High Water mark for Luis's production. Well done lad!

Darko Jugovic (DEEPsoundDIVISION)
very nice EP! thanks!

Salvatore LFO (
Cool SM!

Jhony Rivers (Knocked Out Records)
great percussion work on lost ,anazing tech feelings, get em somo is fantastic, super ep, full suport

DJ Craig Twitty ( House Channel DJ)

Jayce (Colours Audio, United Kingdom)
Yeah..Feelin that "Buya"!! Hot Jam!

Amir Groove (Balearic/Nobu London)
great EP!!! Get Em Some!my fav!

Van Czar (CZ/Bonzai/KMS)
Very nice ep! Buya is my favorite.

VITO FATTORE (Datenbits Recordings -Natural Beat Recodrins -Citrica Records -M)
nice ep !! full support!!!

Dj Celta
A very good ep. Great job.

Marcel Ziegler
Nice release, like it!



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