G-Prod feat. Aura 1 - Fusion EP

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G-Prod feat. Aura 1 - Fusion EP // Lumina [LUMINA0017]
Genre: Tech-House,Deep House,
Release Date: Jun 19 2013
Label: Lumina
Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/search?query=Lumina





1 G-Prod Feat. Aura 1 - Fusion
2 G-Prod - UGC 10214
3 G-Prod - Influence


Release Info:

Lumina returns after 3 years of intense time traveling! Meet G-Prod and Aura 1 in this beautiful Detroit style EP found in a near future (we are not allowed to reveal the exact year).
At first they were hesitant to expose their music from the future (and the secret technologies hidden in it) but after some talking we got them to convert their quantum files into a readable format for our current machines and share them with the people of this current timeline.
We're not allowed to say more!

> Lumina's Facebook Page
> G-Prod on Soundcloud
> DJ Aura1 on Soundcloud


Feedback (821):


Marco Carola (Music On,)
download For marco carola

Niki Belucci [Radio FG]
cool release

John Johnson (Bedrock, Avex, Armada, Ministry of Sound, Black Hole, Touche)
Thx, downloading Fusion for John Johnson.

Jay Kay

Michel de Hey

Chris Lake (Rising Music / Ministry Of Sound / Ultra / Azuli / Toolroom)

Vince Watson
great tracks...

Carlo toma (VIVa MUSiC, Snatch!Records, Defected ITH))
influence for me! cool vibes. tnx for the sound

Benji Candelerio
good tunes

Analog Trip (Elektrik Dreams/EDM Underground/Dark Pleasure)
Very nice . Thank you. Will i Support it

Amine Edge (Exploited / Noir Music)

Deep Movements (Deep Movements Manuel-M)
Influence...Terrible ! Excellent ep vraiment du bon boulot !

Peet (Traum Schallplatten / Reworck)
Influence is pretty good! but i love all of them. thanks!!

Katzo (Audio.nl, Mindtours, Multivitamins, [Lesizmo:r] )
nice stuff. really deep vision!

Macromism (Be As One / Sci+Tec)
nice ep

System UK (System Uk Radio)
really niice sound good work

Paul Mac
Lovely stuff as usual by the G-prod guys few people do strings as well as them

Matteo Pitton | Different Grooves (differentgrooves.com)
"influence" is very nice!

Influence for me, interesting stuff! tnx guys!

Mike Young Lion Anderson (KMS/King street/)
interesting ep

nice Release Thanks !!

Annie Hall
pretty nice

Micheldehey (Hey! Muzik)
Influence sounds great

Kassey Voorn (Bedrock, Cocoon, Sudbeat)
both Influence and Fusion are great

Colin Dale (Abstrakt Dance Records)
Cool tracks with a great retro feel....."Influence" sounds like classic Detroit. Cool EP.

Ian O'Donovan (KMS, Bedrock, Bio, Virgin)
Influence is my fav here, thnx.

Angel Molina (SonarMusic)
too classic sound to me, but always a pleasure to listen Garnier-esque stuff...

Markus Schulz (Coldharbour | GDJB)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus.

Marco Carola (Music On)
download for marco carola

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Andrei C (original/cubek/click muziq)

Hozoc (Pleasure Zone)
UGC awesome

Urban Ohmz (EDR/UltraCosmos/Coincidence )
Influence my fav! Wicked ep

Influence 4 me!

MIINI (Crossfader)
Download for CROSSFADER MUSIC Thank you

UGC 10214 and Influence. Good Vibe!


Ochu LaRoss

Roberto del Burgo

Saul Dj
Interesting tracks dudes, but is'nt my style... I search for other tracks in the label! Regards

Jan Cree
Excellent tracks....will support on Radio Show. Groove City Radio

Johann Smog (iPagan/Johann Smog)
great work...thx

Jules Wells
big tracks !!!

William WiLD (Limonada Records)
Like a good french red wine, i cannot hate this because this guy share one of my roots E-Dancer !


AudioTox and Watson
Downloaded for AudioTox & Watson, THX!

Liam Alexander (Vibe Your Love)
great release

Sinisa Lukic (Kaseta Music)
infuence is cool for me

Ovalice (vinylwerks, ovalice, EML Recordings, Layzee Records, the Launch )
all three tracks have some solid elements, but influence is on point. Very good track. Solid atmosphere, nice progression and great supporting sounds.

TOMAS HAVERLIK (www.tomashaverlik.com)
Thank you very much for nice music! SUPPORT!

Ariel AB (Whose Haus, Afterglow Records, Lowbit Records, Ascension Records)
Influence is perfect!

steven mccreery
Nice package fav is influence

Daddy DJ

DJ Chepaco (Moscow)
influence for me, thanks!

Ale Castro (a.k.a Rhythm & Substance) (Savor/Soulman/Pressure/Frequenza)

Andrea Loche (Diva / Oasi Lab)
Great work !!!!

Julian Marazuela (Society 3.0, Asymmetric, Perspectives, Lowbit)
Influence is amazing!!

Cesar Lombardi (Renaissance, Sindor Records )
Influence for me ! Thks

Guille Quero
good stuff.. thanks

Jack Wax (Techno / Acidtechno)
Great detroit sounds love it - Support Favo Influence :)

Luis Nieva (Area Sur Argentina)

RENE SANDOVAL (Oh! My God Recordings)
Download, Thanks crew

Rodrigo Rivera (Dadaismo Records)
thnks, not for me

Daniel Derek (Memoria Recordings)

Neil Rush (Neil Rush Music Portugal)
pure is the word! a nice smell of both British and Detroit soul, both tracks are amazing! Thank You!

Flying Squad
thank you downloading :)

great melodies and roaring basslines. Love it!

andy spinelli (peanut musik, 24 beats recordings)
influence for me!!!

Monsta (Music Choice, New York City)
Hot tech!

N.E.S. (Culture Management)

IMADJ (plenty)
1st 2 - timeless thanks

Adam Helliwell (3B Records, Collcuts/Hype/Buzz Chart)
big techno

yas cepeda

Claes Rosen (MOS / GU / Unreleased Digital / Stripped / Silk / Spring Tube)
Influence sounds nice

Ruslan Cross (Natura Viva/Tug Underground/BDR Music)
thx for promo!

Tyler Smith
DL for Tyler Smith

E-dward! (Bosconi, Exprezoo, Apparel)
Influence is great!

Lilly Deupré

DJ Ferry (Shibiza/BluFin/Natura Viva)
thanks, downloading for dj ferry

DJ Ferry (Shibiza/BluFin/Natura Viva)
thanks, downloading for dj ferry

Blue Amazon (Convert Recordings)
real techno.. great , Influence is fantastic

Deemoray (76 Recordings)


Previous Experts (( Endemic Inc, Influential House ))
Influence for us thanks!

Manuel Battista (Smoke Joke Records,Velcro City Records,Chapeau Music,U-Topia,Dig)
thanks for music

dom moir (house music)
wow... what a great label! two releases in and sounding great. grazie.

Sergio Helou (Love 4 House)
Thanks !

Wow! cool !!!

Claudio Ricci (Luv Lite Recordings)
Fusion sounds awesome!

Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records / Pacha / MOS)
Thanks, For Support listen on "Beatone Podcasts" gabrielmarchisio.net/podcast.html

Iorzh Herrera (Gallo Loco/Sofá Lounge/Madison Square/Spindisc UK/Sofá Lounge)
Thnx for the music!!

Fusion & influence! great music

Dj Frodo (Vibration-ElectroFM)
Great work :-)

Argy K (Karmak Records)
Fusion and influence for me thanks for the music

DJ SaF (Official) (Fireworxx /DC10 / Minicoffee / BoilerUnderground / Phobiq / Cros)
Not for me, sorry :-(

Toni Espagne (Pista De Baile FM)
Nice pack

DJ Santi (zipdj)
Great job.

Nick Arara (Phonograph Music /Brise/Save Room)

Discknocked (Spaceal Orbeats, Nulabel,)
nice sounds thx

Rauul Montanno

Filthy Groovin Music Group (Filthy Groovin Records, Filthy Groovin House, Filthy Groovin Sou)
Good Stuff!!

Ben Solar
I love influence! nice track!

Jean Jerome
Influence for me, great Detroit tribute

Donald Wilborn (Embarcadero / Visitacion)
Absolutely fantastic EP.... Loving these tunes... Full Support..

Caldyn (Freitag Recordins / 03 Recordings / Liquid Grooves / Heatflow)
Pure awesomeness! WOW!

System Efe (DarkSide Black)
Influence for me. Thanks.

Aux n Morris
influence !

Omar Cito Perez (Pacha recordings, KULT NYC.)
Progressive deepness! Nice work guys!

Deep J (Crossworld Recs/Kick Radio)

Anatoliy Frolov
Downloading for Musical Roads.

Tomas Mehes (Artist Booking & Management)
Simply amazing EP! THX!

Manali Shah

Lea Dobricic
Very nice EP. Thanks

UGC 10214 is amazing!

Katzo (Audio.nl, Multivitamins, Lessizmor, Mindtours,)
i like it!!

Ramiro Puente
thank you!!! will play!

Marc Vedo
download for marc vedo, thanks...

Philippe Caminade (Exit Audio/ Deep Movements)
Influence is for me!

Good work friend!!! Thanks!!!

Ernesto Deep (Cadena SER)
Full Support Great Sound! Download for Ernesto Deep. THanks

Happy Days Records (HDR Limit)
influence..for us

Samoil Radinksi (Logos)
Thanks Nice music

Thad Lester (Rainbow Serpent Festival)
Thanks, Fusion is the one for me.

Rino Cerrone
Downloaded For Rino Cerrone !

Influence for me, support!

Vicky Montefusco (Items&Things-ISL-Extremeness)
ohh yess..!

kittikun (Kittikun Minimal (JP))
Thanks, will be part of this week update

Amber D (Transportal Digital, Ambush Digital)
epic..... moody emotional and thought invoking...

Laura Seh (friskyRadio, friskyRecords)
Influence for me! Thank you!

Madeni (Tulipe /Not For Us )
last track for me!!! tnx

Alex Downey ([covert] / Split / Balance)
feeling the electro warmth.

William Welt (22 Digit Records)
Fusion is very cool thanks for sending:)

Cadena Tu Radio Fm
i like it

Markomas (Chapeau Music / Area Remote / Witty Tunes / Bla Bla / Toolroom)
Quality music! Thanks!

Christopher Sheehy (Tempo, Proton, Positive Education)
Nice EP, thanks!

Dj Dave Carden (Kiss FM / Various Radio)
Quality package from a towering label. UGC 10214 is outstanding

Corvin Dalek
sounds nice !!

Damien Osborne (Chinese Laundry Sydney)
very nice mood music thankyou !

Nice mixes

Gabriel Marchisio (Cancun Records)
Thanks, listen For "Beatone Podcasts" gabrielmarchisio.net/podcast.html

DParra( pressure / true balance) (sonido likido)
great music thnks!!!

DJ Mapiu
Aura 1 will be in my next track list! Full support. Thank´s

Clinton Houlker
Feeling Fusion, BANGING!

Marcelo Tavares (Deep Space Podcast)
Downloading... Feedback soon...

Electric Feel DJs
UGC 10214 is wonderful...thanks!

Frances Lerouge (Fanzine,Tulipa,Pong Musiq)
Good work, good energy and true feeling in these tracks. Thanks for sending :)

Dance World Mag
Great memories with this sound. Colours of Adam F from the 90´s. Well Done! Cool textures! A complete journey. Full support!

Fernando Campo (Sonora Track Recordings)
Thanks for the music!, nice:)

Angel Mora
www.facebook.com/vitalitydance fusion support

Plastic Lounge (Radio-FDS)

Chriz Samz
Great tracks but not for me.

Re Dupre (PopArt)
Style ep!

Fantastic ambience to these tunes.Thanks

Barry Kill
Full support, thanx

Peter Fern
Influence and Fusion for me :)

Deadbeat Disco (Sweatlodge (Berlin) / Technohouse FM (New York) / Tunnel FM (Swe)
All three are very strong here, although not really the style we play (future disco/slower deep house etc), however UGC 10214 could work pitched down for us! Great vibe :)

Maxi Cuenca (Soleil Records)
Fusion is my choice here, thank you.

nice! tnx

DJ1SRAEL (Strategic Sound System)

Santiago Garcia (Renaissance, microCastle, Baires Records)

Klaus Hens
Great EP! Influence for me.

Deep J (Crossworld Recs/Kick Radio)
Nice, like the EP!

Dj Lemy
downloading... thanks!!

GamuT a.k.a. GmT (Bonzai, Neptuun City, Subcult, Moop Up)
Influence is influential ;)

farfan (underground lovers records)
nice music

Maxim (Freakout Ibiza )
I ll try influence, thanx for sending! : )

Dimitris Karatzaferis
Nice one , love it !

Matthias Korr
good stuff

DJ Kramer (DISTRIKT / Methodrone)
Cool tracks. Thx.

Da Funk (Acryl Music)
fusion for me. nice!

Datamatrix (carmarage)

Lee Walker (Bulletdodge/LittleHelpers)
Lovely to listen to, nothing I could play though

Label Leaks
Supported by Label Leaks ! Downloading for Mirco Anek & Iulian Toma !

Refurb (5 and Dime)
Influence is my pick :)

Robin | Cinematique
Fusion is cool.

Neo Diaz (Radio One/radio 10)
Nice music

Praveen Achary (Juicebox / Replug / Outside The Box / Perspectives Digital / Mir)
Digging the old-school vibe of Fusion.

Vlad Sokolov (Feta Recordings/sokolov sounds)
Nice n deep, will support

Really like all of these, 1st two tracks would be for home listening or in the car, influence could fit into a club set though. Thanks for sending !

good stuff, keep up the good work

Leon Windsor (Civiilisation of the Rough)
Fusion for me, thank you- quality groove on that one, and great strings

Rodrigo Cortazar (trr/bcsa/bco (2people! /hollogram)
great ep thanks!!!

Andrew Duke (Nice & Nasty/Matrix)
Great stuff.

Jay Tuned (2Cty, J-Tuned, DJ Marley, Jonah)
spaced out. support!

ED2000 (tresor / dangerous drums / solar lounge / bln.fm )
downloading for bln.fm / dangerous drums / ed2000, thanks a lot !

Tom Leclercq (Versuz)
Will try the Influence, dark vibe

Rulers Of The Deep (Le Mans Recordings)

Fedde Le Grand
Thank you for the music you sent us.We look forward to reviewing it. Should we decide to use your material we will of notify you as soon as possible.

Monochronique (Pure.FM)
Influence is ace!

Stefano Lotti
Downloading... Thank you!

David Howell (true balance , 808 recordings , beatbox records)
great ep

Gabriel Creole (Tanzbar Music, Biotop Label, Paperjet Recordings (Germany)
UGC 10214 for me!! Nice package, thanxxxx!!!

Marko Nastic (Sake & Vinyl Only)

Rob Collman (Alienation, Absorbtion, Wiggle)
Three very cool tracks, thanks

Martin Smith (Emulator, Obsession mgmt)
Influence my fave on here but liking the breaks style of UCG. Trippy stuff!

San Holo (Evoked/Polytechnic)
I like it!

Santiago Perez (Kinetic Groove, Jamed, Toob Records)
UGC 10214 is definitely my fave, followed by Fusion.

QuestionmarQ (Vision Collective Rec)
Really like Influence

¨Influence¨ very good. thanks.

Christian Farias (Monique Speciale,Recycle,Zeitlos)
influence for me




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