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Release Date: Jan 01 1970






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Moody Manc (2020/tsuba/dessous/neurotraxx/kolour/apparel)
Not For Me

Hernan Cattaneo ( )
Not For Me

Steve Rachmad (Music Man)
cool stuff

jeroen search
thaw and low simmer for me. good stuff!

Thanks, like Thaw best.

Michel de Hey
thaw is sweet!

Dj T (Get Physical Music)
will download.thank you for good music!

Terry Mitchell
Great stuff, review forthcoming. Will be played on the show too, many thanks. i think 'Thaw' is my favourite but it's a close call.

Vitor P (Hunger Culture)
Nice tracks!!! "Distant Lines" is my fav, amazing acieeeeed!!!

C-Rock (cocoon / stir15 / lofi stereo)
Thaw for me!

DVS1 (HUSH, Transmat, Klockworks)
Low simmer for me!! Nice lowrider type of track!! Thanks

Chymera (Cocoon / Be As One)
Thaw is a fantastic track. I always love Stuart's use of melody and how he constructs his tracks. Great release

Thaw is very great, will play, thanks!

Mike Agent X Clark
Nice late night teched out track- Distant lane

Stef (Subject Detroit)
Clever stuff here guys ! Loving Distant Lines a lot ...

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Broxgaard (Kolon:Trax)
Thaw is amazing, Low Simmer got something too, cool release!

Anthony Pappa
I like "Thaw" best. Thanks Anthony Pappa.

Dave-G (Lumina, Logos, Nice & Nasty)
very nice release. really oldschool vibes. thanks

Great EP. "Low Simmer" included in my current chart.

Karim Sahraoui (R&S/Transmat/Compost/Mirakles)
Good one..i'll try some of them..

Dimi Angelis (ANGLS/A&S/Traut Muzik)
very nice ep. like it!

Angel Molina (sonar)
absolutely into this. 2nd release of the label, 2nd great work. thanks!

Clubbingspain (Clubbingspain)
To be reviewed on Clubbingspain.com

hd substance (hd substance)
nice one ...every track has it's charm

Basic Soul Unit (Ostgut, New Kanada)

Raresh (arpiar)
super tracks . thanks a lot

Frances Lerouge (Fanzine,Tulipa,Pong Musiq)
Thaw for me in this personal work, thanks!

Tomi Chair (Nice & Nasty)
amazing EP! Love!!!

simon garcia (Poker Flat / Supplement Facts)
really into Thaw here, merequetengue!

Paul Mac
As high a quality as you would expect from Basic Soul Unit digging Thaw and Low Simmer the most from first listen but sounds like all 3 will get some play

Electrónica & Roll
After Orlando Voorn new tracks of Basic Soul Units? What two massive releases for a new Spanish Label!! Congratulations! Thaw is pure class

Santiago Salazar (Ican, Historia y Violencia, Macro, Rush Hour, 7th Sign)
Some serious heat right here. I need doubles of "Thaw"

great job!!! fantastic!!! :)

Javier Orduna (Culprit / Jeudi / Moda BLack / Get Physical)
Distan Lines is a pure Detroit Techno Track!! and Low Simmer is a fucking Bomb!!!

Roi (Fanzine)

Marco Carola (Music On)
download For marco carola

Paula Cazenave
Not For Me

Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Ferox, Planet-E, Pariter, Soma)
Nice. No clear favourite.

Kiko Navarro (Defected)

Pedro Blázquez
Not For Me

Attemporal (Synewave/ATT Series)
Thaw is great!

The Noise Gate (The Noise Gate)
Yeah feeling all 3!

classic sounds lucid minds. I love this release.

Very good ep! low simmer for us!

V-Obsession (Pure.FM / ViciousRadio)

Marco Effe (Prism / Cocoon Rec / Break New Soil / Impress)
Sorry for the late feedback.. Thaw is simply wowww!!! I also like Low Simmer

Ricard (Cinexin/Discogram)
low simmer for me!!!

Re-UP (Omar) (Kina Music)
Thanks for the music!

JESUS GONSEV (Troubled Kids Records)
Basic Soul Unit is one of my favs artists and do another dope work again! Congrats to Fanzine friends :),Low Simmer is my fav

Ekkohaus (Cargo Edition/Moon Harbour)
Nice analogue and emotional sounds, thanx....

Jan Cree

Robert Grand (Additan Radio)
Sounds really good! Thank you

Not For Me

Toni Rios (DJ/Producer)
low simmer is great.

Maxi Cuenca (Soleil Records)
Very Nice! Thaw & Low Simmer my favourites...Thanks.

Download, Thanks crew!

Utku Dalmaz (Sound Mass Records)

aubreysaei@gmail.com (Komplex de deep, SKUDGE, MOWAR)
Nice stuff.... Low Simmer is the one for me.. but all quality :)

Bartolomeo (Bar Musica)
Cool acid tracks! thaw is for me! thnx for your music!

Nicco (N.D) (Recline,Bla Bla,Resopal,Revox)
Cool ; THAW is the one for me thx

Martin Bellomo (Thema/Rationalism/Resopal)

Amazign release! Low summer for me!

Speaking Minds (My Favorite Robot/ Noir Music / Manocalda)
great package!! full support here! thanks a lot!

Adriano Filippucci (Highgrade,Monique,Time Has changed,Musik Gewinnt Freunde,Einmale)
Thaw for me tnank u

John Norman (KMS, UNT Records, Thoughtless)
Not For Me

HouseHusbands (Similar Records)
Not For Me

Jan Urban / Clubflavour.de
Oldschool meets Newschool! Very nice

Kerstin Eden (Abstract - LevelNONZero)
Not For Me

Jorge Savoretti (Savor Music / Esperanza)
low simmer all the way

Sam Farsio (Kling Klong, Add2basket, GreenHorn Records)
Dope release... TNQ

Dan Drastic (Moon Harbor)
Not For Me

Great release!! Will play them all, many thanks!

Thomas Krome

Dakpa (Serial Number 849, Rez, Pong Music)
3 tracks for me. Lovely Job!

Undo (Factor City / Envolvent / Razzmatazz)
all 3 tracks are good, but Thaw is the one for me!

Discknocked (Spaceal Orbeats, Nulabel,)
superb release !! love it ... thx

Life Recorder (Aesthetic Audio, Atmospheric Existence)
Dope release !! BSU rules !

Thaw for me.

info@arthuroskan.com (My Favorite Robot // Thoughtless Music)
thawed out. great cuts from my hometown homeboy BSU.

Mauro Alpha (Undeliving Rec, Polar Noise, Amazing, Pild, Heatflow)
Not For Me

Unam Zetineb (UZB)
Super, love this stuff . THAW for me. thanks

Isa Mai
asia power~cheers~~

Markus Schulz (Armada Music)
Thank you. Downloading for Markus.

Philip Sherburne (The Wire / Pitchfork)
"Thaw" sounds really nice.

love this EP. raw and jacking! cheers

Jan Tenner (Fullbarr, CIM)
Thaw is very nice!

Danniel Selfmade
Not For Me

Scan Mode (DJ Mag Spain / Cadenza Lab)
Distant Lines & Low Simmer for me... Keep up the good work!

Nicolas Masseyeff (Herzblut)
Great release !!! i really like "Thaw" !!! Congrats to Suart for this one , one time again !!!

Agony Forces (Lycaon Records)
Thaw!! many thanks for the link

I-Robots (Opilec Music)
Dope release! Thanks a lot! Will chart it and play in my sets... I-Robots approved!

Kindimmer (Resopal, Thoughtless)
Basic soul unit, never dissappoints!



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