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Release Date: Jan 01 1970






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Mauro Alpha (Undeliving Rec, Polar Noise, Amazing, Pild, Heatflow)
Not For Me

Hernan Cattaneo ( )
Not For Me

Angel Molina (sonar)
'BEATZ BEFORE THE D' sounds nice, that´s my pick on here, thanks.

Terry Mitchell
Nice stuff, full support. Well rounded EP, no particular favourite as yet. Many thanks, review forthcoming too.

Paul Mac
Under Styled is the pick of this bunch for me

Electrónica & Roll
Classic and effective techno produced with class

Chymera (Cocoon / Be As One)
Solid EP. Good classic production. Not re-writing the book but no need to...

Steve Rachmad (Music Man)
Under Styled for me

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

simon garcia (Poker Flat / Supplement Facts)
Under Styled is metaaaaaaaaal

DVS1 (HUSH, Transmat, Klockworks)
BEats before the d!

Dimi Angelis (ANGLS/A&S/Traut Muzik)
dope ep!

jeroen search
cool stuff!

Karim Sahraoui (R&S/Transmat/Compost/Mirakles)
Good EP...dubby tracky loopy funky whatever is finishing with "Y"

Marco Carola (Music On)
download For marco carola

Great release, thanks!

Vitor P (Hunger Culture)
Booomb ep del maestro Rozalén!!! Muchas caderas va a destrozar esto!!

Dave-G (Lumina, Logos, Nice & Nasty)
excellent. i love Under Styled. thanks a lot

Frances Lerouge (Fanzine,Tulipa,Pong Musiq)
Addictive sounds and a visceral mixing makes a real hypnotic "Under Styled". Thanks!

Tomi Chair (Nice & Nasty)
perfect EP!!

Javier Orduna (Culprit / Jeudi / Moda BLack / Get Physical)
Ole Ole Ole!! mañamna no hay cole!! Menos Chords que aburren ya!! :)

hd substance (hd substance)
I know this guy

GarcyNoise (Justified Cause )
Amzing sound, dificult to choose one...

Roi (Fanzine)
Bomb Ep!!

Sean Deason (MATRIX)
Love it!

Paula Cazenave
I like all the synth melodies used in all the tracks. will play all. thanx!

Russ Gabriel (Mobilee, Ferox, Planet-E, Pariter, Soma)
Good solid well-produced release. Panorama and Under Styled are my favourites.

Maxi Cuenca (Soleil Records)
Nice EP! downloading all. Thanx.

Ricard (Cinexin/Discogram)
this is techno!!!

Vasco Ispirian (TEAM Records)

Full support!! Under styled for me thanks!!

Adriana Lopez
Beatz Before the D!

Pepe Arcade (Consumed, Serial Number 849)
palo serio!

Pelacha aka RedSonja (RedSonja Records)
3 tracks perfects for me, I will play, Thanks!

Re-UP (Omar) (Kina Music)
under styled for me ! thanks

Kiko Navarro (Defected)
under styled for me, bomb!

Pedro Blázquez
Vale Luis. Sigues teniendo ese toque tan Kevin Saunderson "Inthemmix", hipnótico a la vez que bonito... We will play Under Styled on our Blograma Aún De Repuesto.

Jan Cree

great!!! thanks a lot!!!

Sick music loving this, thanks!

Silvie Loto
tahnks! support!

leandro_gamez (Dazzle Tracks)
"Beatz Before The D" it's a great track to shake asses.

Jan Urban / Clubflavour.de
Classic Techno Sound. I like it!

Attemporal (Synewave/ATT Series)

Luis Groove (Lowpitch)
Very good Techno sound here. Is nice to hear something like this in a digital promo pool. Big up for HD Substance and this oldschool touch in a real analogue sound. Thanks a lot for the music!

Jorge Savoretti (Savor Music / Esperanza)
understyled is nice!

Toni Rios (DJ/Producer)
Not For Me

Bartolomeo (Bar Musica)
Under Styled for me! thnx for this techno pack!

Dan Drastic (Moon Harbor)
Not For Me

HouseHusbands (Similar Records)
Not For Me

Speaking Minds (My Favorite Robot/ Noir Music / Manocalda)
A W E S O M E !! Fanzine is climbing everyday in our personal favorites labels!

Rayaline (Glider )
Great EP. understyled for me, full support!

Dakpa (Serial Number 849, Rez, Pong Music)

The Noise Gate (The Noise Gate)
Cymbols on under styled give off a wicked lazy vibe. SNARLING over here. TNG x

JESUS GONSEV (Troubled Kids Records)
Solid ep!my fav is the second track

Scan Mode (DJ Mag Spain / Cadenza Lab)
Under Styled is the one!

dj Simbad Segui
Good EP. thanks!

Robert Grand (Additan Radio)
Great! Thank you

Discknocked (Spaceal Orbeats, Nulabel,)
Another great release in this label !!! full support

Thomas Krome

Unam Zetineb (UZB)
High quality from Luis, full support.

Jan Tenner (Fullbarr, CIM)
Not For Me

Awesome EP! Will play them all, thanks!!

will try out soon , thanx

Download, Thanks crew!

I-Robots (Opilec Music)
"Under Styled "is the winner here but also "Panorama 2.0" is rocking.... I-Robots approved!



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