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Release Date: Jan 01 1970






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Paula Cazenave
Not For Me

Katzo (Audio.nl, Mindtours, Multivitamins, [Lesizmo:r] )
really nce hats and bass. i love it!

Nikkolas Research
Assolutamente Incredibilmente for me ! Thx !

Ochu LaRoss
download, tnx

Luigi Rossi
Support! Thanks!

(fakin)Corso (finefood, mischievous, abstrakt records)
Nice work! Assolutamente incredibilmente is for me! thanks!

Inferno Radio (Lo-Tech)
nice ..... support

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Thanks for the music! I will consider for my radio show at Delta FM 90.3 in Buenos Aires, and also for my DJ sets!

Minitronik aka Matke (Happy Days Records,HDR Limit)
Thank you to all who have supported my music...

Franck Valat (Gravite / Zoo:Technique)
"Assolutamente incredibilmente" is my fav here ! Thanx !

Minitronik Quality Full support!

David Mallada (Teatro Albeniz - Aquasella)
Thanks support

Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Downloading thanks

Fabio Papa
imaginariam my favourite, overall good mininal techno sound!!

Xtramol (Krad Records, Banm Records, Shufflemood, Plastik.FM, Italo Busin)
full support!

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

Johan N. Lecander (DI.FM)
Nice work throughout. Will support all 3 tracks in our Minimal Channel

Nadja Lind (Lucidflow + many)
Imaginariam is big. thanks


kiselaia nubila is awesome!!!support!!

Gare Mat K (Progrezo, BPitch Pool, 19Box, frisky, DI.FM)
nice stuff

The Noise Gate (The Noise Gate)
Nice tribal vibes from NuLabel! Diegetics @ TNG

Du Sant (Loob Label / Krad Records)
nice tracks!

Joe Jewish
Kisela nubila for me!!

Battric & MIVU
Full support for Minitronik! Very nice!

Dustywork (L.A.B.-Nu Label-Plus Eins-2W )
Nice e.p.

Marco Carola (Music On)
download For marco carola

Robert Grand (Additan Radio)
Imaginariam Prophetiae for me! Thank you

Johnny Aemkel

Bruno Ledesma (Concepto Hipnotico)
Interesting tracks, support!

Hernan Bass (Krad Records)

Medu (Dissonant)
definitley, i really like NuLabel!! full support!

Planctophob (Mischkonsum)
Nice release

Forest People (Planet Rhythm, Brood Audio, Driving Forces)

Douglas Fugazi (Reviewer at Medellinstyle.com)
sounds really good. thanks



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