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Release Date: Jan 01 1970






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Mikkael (House Distillery)
Not For Me

Diego Valle (LTHM )
Not For Me

Nicolas Dales (Athens)
Not For Me

Nicolas Dales (Athens)
Not For Me

Not For Me

Brother Mac Music
Not For Me

J Roddherz
Not For Me

Not For Me

Steve Boyett (groovelectric., podrunner)
Not For Me

Clover Records
Not For Me

Marco Scherer (Datacult // Villa Violet // Meller)
Not For Me

Max-I-muS (Max-I-muS Bass Eruption CULTeum)
Thanks, DOWNLOADING for Maximilian Koenig Label Blank Recording and Agent Blank Booking Agency www.blankbookingagency.com

We will play it on our radio station

MARTIN DASSLER (Major & Minor)
Thanks for the music.


Steve'Butch'Jones (Something Global Radio)
Thanks for the music, downloading for Steve'Butch'Jones presents SOMETHING GLOBAL (radio show / podcast). We would love you to supply a guest mix for the show, if your interested get in touch. www.SomethingGlobal.com #SomethingGlobal #LoveElectronicMusic

Dj Effecto
Nice Remix. Downloading

Nicky Mei (Nicky Mei / East Pole Radio Show / East Pole Records)
Downloaded for Nicky Mei. If you get this message it is almost certain that your track will be supported. To make sure you know that your track is gonna be supported and if it is going to be played on East Pole Radio Show, please follow Nicky Mei on www.facebook.com/djnickymei / www.instagram.com/nicky.mei / www.twitter.com/nickymeidj / www.soundcloud.com/nickymeidj

Not For Me

thanks for sharing!

Iorzh Herrera (Label Barbe/Sofa Lounge/Spindisc UK)
Not For Me

Dj Frodo (Art Movement)

SP1DER (Vicious Radio, Space Menorca)
Not For Me

Joseph Christopher (Dakota West Recordings / JCs Recordings)
kool remix ...

Sean Norvis (Norvis Music)
Support, thanks!

Chris Ward (Climax International / Beat 102 103 / Tech Fest)
Thanks. Will download now for another listen Chris

Beethoven TBS
Will try, thanx! Downloading 4 Beethoven TBS (iTaly)

Not For Me

Lore J
Not For Me

Trance Hub
wow! Amazing remix

Mar She
Not For Me

Downloading for Moniestien

Toni Espagne (Mix Club RadioShow)
Not For Me


Rob Pearson (Evasive/Wiggle/Artform)
Not For Me

Soundkrampf (Cloud Of Silence)
Not For Me

dj.jmac70@gmail.com (Run614 , G.S.P. Artists Group)
i like it

Capo and Comes (Hotfingers,Jango,HoTL,Whore House,
Not For Me

GLB Records (GLB)
Nice track, keep on doing the good work. I wil try this at my radioshows in Belgium, regards Glenn


K-Zan (Galaxie FM / Galaxie Trendy)
Not For Me

Nice work. Downloaded by SoundFausto.

Love this one!! Thanks for sending!

Jan Cree

DJ Kwest (Traxsource A&R, The Doubleunderground Global Mixcast)
Really didn't want to like this one (dislike super commercial poppy rerubs) but too bad for me. CATCHY AF remix and awesome tempo play at the break. THe guitar solo HAS been used before tho, several times, FYI. Still, really diggin it.

Not For Me

Love this remix

One Million Toys (Baroque/Mistique/Freegrant/Fatali Music)
Not For Me

DJW Magazine (Editor)
Bueno. DJW magazine

Tom Leclercq (Versuz)
Not for my sets thanks

C_sky (Deeperfect/Lapsus Music/Diva/)
Not For Me

Martin Davies - The Hut Colwell Bay (Wight Label Records)
Not For Me

Sergio Gomes | BREAKS lda. (BREAKS lda.)
Downloading for Sérgio Gomes | BREAKS lda.

WellDone! Music
Not For Me

Allex (Experiment/Soviet Recordings)
Not For Me

Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Will try thanks ;)

Lenny Fontana
Not For Me

DJ Angola (Deckstatic, No 8, Space Ibiza NYC, 1OAk Southampton, etc.)
Works well...

Octavio Cordioli (Sensoria Records)
Not For Me

Bultech (Ausara Rec / Egothermia Records / Heavenly Bodies Records)
Not For Me

DJ Sveta
nice track! thanks

Riccardo Brush
Thanks for the Download.... Support!

Lo-FI Funk
Nice! Quality production...

G.HoT (eXtremeradio.gr)
Not For Me

Costa Del Mar - Radio (100% Music from IBIZA)
Thank you for submitting your Music on “Costa Del Mar" Radio !

Jean Jerome, Itsic, The Soulbrozerz
Not For Me

Dj Sedatophobia (Compulsive Movement Mix on Deephouse-radio.com)
Not For Me

Jon Sweetname (Oh! Records Stockholm / Induction Muzic)
Not For Me

Stephan Grondin (Montreal: Stereo - Apollon, Toronto Fly, New York: XL - Work)

baq | hirschmilch.de

Not For Me

Jerry Bouthier (JBAG, Kitsune, Continental...)
Not For Me

David Vendetta (Blackhole Records / Spinnin Records / Sony Music / Sea to Sun)
Not For Me


Muziekredactie (Studio 26 Radio)
Sounds good. Future House is always good. Only a shame there's no radio edit.

Cream (Proton, Perspectives Digital)

Gareth Emery (Garuda)
Not For Me

DJ Louie Torres (B)
Nice interpretation of a big pop track; changes work well

Downloading for Doneyck, best

John Gibbons

Alex Kunnari
Downloaded for Alex Kunnari Colors, Black Hole Recordings www.alexkunnari.com

Ewan Rill (Sever)
Not For Me

Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto)
Downloading for Stadium Artists - Thanks.

Damian Cruga
not for me, thanks

DJ Nieko (Hush FM / Toymaker Music / 3rd Way Recordings)
Not For Me

Kris Von (Ausara Recordings)

Very good!

Kenny Brian (Undr The Radr/ Flashmob/Resopal Schallware/Pacha/SaltoSounds)

Asle Bjorn (Yoshitoshi, Blow Out, Cr2, Nervous)

Stranger Boys (Resopal Schallware/Piston Recordings/Monique Musique/Waldliebe)
Not For Me

Peter Borg (Simply Salacious Parties)
Not For Me

DJ Reginald

Nice energy. Thanx

Jay-x (Yatagan Rec. - m2o radio)
Not For Me

DJ Stamer

Well done. Thanks

Mental X (Swiss National Radio SRF VIRUS)
Not For Me

Sonic Snares (FST'N'FWRD Records)

Sonic Seven (Superfreak! / we love house (Austria))
Not For Me

Rhythm staircase

Frisco (Yellow house, Spain)

Digital Koala
Great remix! Tnx!

Jacob Singer (Bonzai,Proton Radio)
Not For Me

D-FORMATION (Beatfreak)
Not For Me

Malcom B
Not For Me

Not For Me

Anthony Yarranton (Proton / Vapour / Sound Avenue)
I need a bath after hearing this

Kiss Fm CEO Anton (Dance radio "Kiss Fm")
Downloaded for Kiss Fm Ukraine. Thanks

Indy Lopez
Not for me But Thank you, please send to promo@indylopez.com your next promotions

EP Digital Music (Label)
Not For Me

Luis Deluxe
Will support this releases in my radio show "DEEJAY PLAYLIST" by DJ LUIS DELUXE www.facebook.com/luisdeluxedj LISTEN www.mixcloud.com/djluisdeluxe DOWNLOAD www.hulkshare.com/djluisdeluxe

Gianpiero XP (Radio Ibiza)
Support !

Phonique (Dessous)
made me unsubscribe from the promo list

KaNa (Otographic Music /Pineapple Digital)
Nice stuff! Thank you for sending!

Sanya Shelest/No Hopes

ziv avriel
Not For Me


Radio DJ Online
Thanks for promo! Downloaded for RadioDJ.Online.

brent@dancemixusa.com (DanceMixUSA)
Great energetic mix - Will definitely support!

Emran Badalov (Universe Mainstream)
will try, thanks

2 Tall Keith (Rebel House Radio Official / Mix93FM.Com / Sirup Music)
Will try - Thanks !

DJ Tony Dex
Downloaded for Tony Dex... Thanks!


Awesome remix

joel anolick
will spin and see whats up sounds unique

Sergio Matina
Downloading for Sergio Matina... thanks!!!

Suzy Solar
Not For Me

Dj Gary Cannavo (masspooldjs)
LOVE it!!

Igor Malyarevsky (The Signs)
not for me, thank you

Alexandros Djkevingr
not for me. thanx

Textbeak (TXTBK's CHVCH XV BXK3N 7ANGvAG3 - Radio, Futuremusic FM)

Sonny D
Not For Me

RICKY INCH (Ossom Records)
Not For Me

Lary Saladin
support from saladin. great track


David Casto - iDJPool (iDJPool)
I need Both clean and expllicit send to: ilrecpool@aol.com

Lorenzo Al Dino (Tiburon Beach Club Formentera, Jockey Club Ibiza, Ibiza Radio 1,)
Not For Me


Norbert Meszes (Karmaloft, Phunk Traxx, Conic)
Nice release. Thanks.

Claudia Tejeda (Clover Records)
Not For Me

Steve Reay (Filthy Groovin Music Group, Strictly.house radio)
Downloaded for FilthyGroovin

Tim Urbanya
Will try, thanks

Magistro Ray (Free Lance)
thx support....

Not For Me

Stereofly (kurabu records )
will try,thnx!

Göran Meyer
Not For Me

Not For Me

David Podhel

Kenny Tynan (Moove Radio on Phever.ie)
Not For Me

feta (Acilectro rec./ Family grooves)
Not For Me

Nikolas Syrimis (Swerve Digital / FXtion Records / Data Transmission Radio)
Not For Me

Calavera & Manya (Taylor Made Recordings)
Downloading for Calavera & Manya, thanx

Deepshizzol (www.deepvibes.co.uk)
Not For Me

DJ_KIK ((Univers DJ / Events: Soulful Meeting / D.I.O.)
not really my style but not bad :o)

Taucher (adult music / di.fm /)
Not For Me

Terry Kicks (Pittsburgh BPM Record Pool)
Will Give It Play. Cool Vocal. Thank You.

Marco Carola (Music On)
downloading for marco carola, thanks

Paul Nuance
Not For Me

Van Sohl
Downloading for Van Sohl, thanks

Dj Losev

One of the better mixes. Thanks.

JORICK CROES (MBD, Structure, Syncope, Future Lovers)

Curtis Randles (Back To The Beach Podcast, Budgies Killa-Dilla Disco)
Not For Me

Nick Kaniak (Soundteller/ Massive Harmony/ PHW Elements)
will try

DJ Colin Hargreaves (DE Radio, The House Grind)
Not For Me

DJ SaF (Official) (Kaleydo Records / Traktoria / Crossworlder Music)
I've to try this release in my new dj sets to get real results... Thanks anyway about this good job... Cheers, DJ SaF

Richie Hawtin (Minus)
downloaded for r hawtin

DEZZ (EVOLUTION/ ReKonstrukt (Digitally Imported))



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