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Release Date: Jan 01 1970






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Mikkael (House Distillery)
Nice Work. Thanks

Paul Lennar (Proton/Dopamine/OrTwoStranger/Balkan/Future Synth/Mistique Music)
supported, hugs from Global Dance Radio #Colombia!

Nicolas Dales (Athens)
Not For Me

Brother Mac Music
Not For Me

Marco Scherer (Datacult // Villa Violet // Meller)
Not For Me

Nicky Mei (Nicky Mei / East Pole Radio Show / East Pole Records)
Downloaded for Nicky Mei. If you get this message it is almost certain that your track will be supported. To make sure you know that your track is gonna be supported and if it is going to be played on East Pole Radio Show, please follow Nicky Mei on www.facebook.com/djnickymei / www.instagram.com/nicky.mei / www.twitter.com/nickymeidj / www.soundcloud.com/nickymeidj

Amazing !

Steve'Butch'Jones (Something Global Radio)
Thanks for the music, downloading for Steve'Butch'Jones presents SOMETHING GLOBAL (radio show / podcast). We would love you to supply a guest mix for the show, if your interested get in touch. www.SomethingGlobal.com #SomethingGlobal #LoveElectronicMusic

Dj Effecto
Nice Track. Thanks !!!! Downloading.

thanks for sharing!

Dj Frodo (Art Movement)

MARTIN DASSLER (Major & Minor)
Thanks for the music

Franco Bianco (Hypercolour, Dilek, Multivitamins)
Great release! We will double check for our radio show at Delta FM 90.3 and AE (aelectronica.com). Thanks for the music! :))

Marcos Miller (satrixa salinas beach ibiza,coco beach ibiza ,mambo ibiza)

Martin Davies - The Hut Colwell Bay (Wight Label Records)
Not For Me

Paulo Arruda

Luis Deluxe
Very good tracks... Will support this releases in my radio show "DEEJAY PLAYLIST" by DJ LUIS DELUXE www.facebook.com/luisdeluxedj LISTEN www.mixcloud.com/djluisdeluxe DOWNLOAD www.hulkshare.com/djluisdeluxe

Norbert Meszes (Karmaloft, Phunk Traxx, Conic)
Nice release. Thanks.

Added to Fuddle Dance Radio's playlist! (NL)

Clover Records
Not For Me

Claudia Tejeda (Clover Records)
Not For Me

Like this Remix, good work, ist on my next set, Thank you!

Steve Reay (Filthy Groovin Music Group, Strictly.house radio)
Downloaded for FilthyGroovin

Malcom B
Not For Me

Tim Urbanya
Cool! Will try!

the wheel man (Household / Zwilling / Evasive)
Not For Me

Not For Me

Not For Me

Damian Cruga
Not for me, thanks

Samotarev (Green Snake,Asymmetric, Dynamica, AH Digital)
Not For Me

Tune Brothers
Nice stuff

Paco Marcelo
Thanks for the music

Not For Me

Jean Jerome, Itsic, The Soulbrozerz
Not For Me

Not For Me

how many times.....


Andi Durrant
Downloading for Andi Durrant/Distorted Productions. Tracks also delivered to Don Diablo, EDX, Dannic, Chicane, PvD, Kryder and more. Check track lists for support info. Suzanne Chesterton. suzanne@thisisdistorted.com   

Ivan Scratchin'
Downloaded for Ivan Scratchin', thnx!

Max-I-muS (Max-I-muS Bass Eruption CULTeum)
thanks a lot for your music, will play at Villa in Heidelberg.

Domagoj Jakic (Pacha, King Street, Casa Rossa)
Not For Me

Swings Records
Great Rework - support (E.D.S. and CN RaveNight - Marc Miller Reigvna, Berlin DE)

sa.lomaonun.es (SN-R)
Not For Me

Not For Me

Radio DJ Online
Thanks for sending, downloading for radiodj.online sounds very good

Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto)
Downloading for Stadium Artists - Thank you!

ziv avriel
Not For Me


Raf Marchesini
Nice track!

Et Cetera
Not For Me

Fedde Le Grand (Ministry Of Sound / Defected / Kontor / Ultra / Armada / Spinnin)
thanks for sending

Not For Me

Deep In Radio (Deep In Radio )
Not For Me

Pablo Prado (DI FM / PLU Records / 7Producciones)
Thanks for your promo! For playlists & support follow me on www.mixcloud.com/pabloprado or Instagram/Twitter @pablopradodj

RICKY INCH (Ossom Records)
Thank You! Nice one.

Claas Reimer, Max Peak (CLSRM Digital, VIM Records)
Not For Me

DJ Electric (Deepology, Body Parts, Megapolis 89,5FM Moscow)
Not For Me

Elantris Records
full suport

Costa Del Mar - Radio (100% Music from IBIZA)
Thank you for submitting your Music on “Costa Del Mar" Radio !

Frisco (Yellow house, Spain)
great sound

Cream (Proton, Perspectives Digital)

Göran Meyer
Not For Me

Luke Beat aka Futureman (Pyramid, Contact Records)


Geer Ramirez
Nice Ep! downloading for Geer Ramirez.

Alexander Orue
Not For Me

Timmy Byrne (Station Manager - Kiss FM)

Muziekredactie (Studio 26 Radio)
Nice uptempo track, with some elements from a "golden oldie". Only a shame that there's no radio edit.

Peter Borg (Simply Salacious Parties)
Not For Me

Ken Bauer (Stockholm Beats)
I like it. Great work.

Nice club hit!

aleksij (Toolroom,Agent Funk,Stereo,Godeeva
Not For Me

Victor Ibarrola

Not For Me

Sonic Snares (FST'N'FWRD Records)
nice one!

Will give it a spin

Downloaded... thanks!!!

Not For Me

Miguel Alvarez (Power Beat Records)
Thanks Guys, Support.

Alan Gray Music

Matt D
Not For Me

Not For Me

Not For Me

Kris Von (Ausara Recordings)

Kenny Tynan (Moove Radio on Phever.ie)
Not For Me

John Huss (Stimulant Recordings)
Not For Me

Not For Me

Gianni di Muro (102 Club / Straight AHEAD MUSIC)
Not For Me

Vicente Lara

Stephan Grondin (Montreal: Stereo - Apollon, Toronto Fly, New York: XL - Work)

DJ Tony Dex
Downloaded for Tony Dex... Thanks!

Toni Rios (DJ/Producer)
Not For Me

Artie Flexs (House Vision)
Kinda nice, thanks!

Nikolas Syrimis (Swerve Digital / FXtion Records / Data Transmission Radio)
Not For Me

Jerry Bouthier (JBAG, Kitsune, Continental...)
Not For Me

Not For Me

Calavera & Manya (Taylor Made Recordings)
Downloading for Calavera & Manya, good work

Jf Lee
thanks , really nice

Jon Sweetname (Oh! Records Stockholm / Induction Muzic)
Not For Me

Nicky Miles
Lovely production! Downloading this!

DJ Louie Torres (B)
Decent cover; though the horns I think would sound nice on a deeper tone, but well done. Will test

G.HoT (eXtremeradio.gr)
Not For Me

DJ Jim
Thanx! My support in radioshow "Electrospeed" on DFM

Iorzh Herrera (Label Barbe/Sofa Lounge/Spindisc UK)
Not For Me

feta (Acilectro rec./ Family grooves)
Not For Me


Allex (Experiment/Soviet Recordings)
Not For Me

WellDone! Music
Not For Me

Duane Harden
Will download for Duane Harden Voces Radio Show

Conrad Rogers (Tigereye Recordings)
Not For Me


Kimerik Blaze

Peppe Citarella
downloading !!! Peppe Citarella

Joseph Christopher (Dakota West Recordings / JCs Recordings)

DJ_KIK ((Univers DJ / Events: Soulful Meeting / D.I.O.)
not bad, but not my style of music

Lore J
Not For Me

Thanks for sending, downloading! Please check TuneIN Podcast Radio or sets for support!

Denite (Diynamic, Get Physical, Third Ear, Redlight Music)
Not For Me

good tracks i will try, thanks for music!!!!

One Million Toys (Baroque/Mistique/Freegrant/Fatali Music)
Not For Me

Deepshizzol (www.deepvibes.co.uk)
Not For Me

Coskun Karadag
not for me

Nine Sessions (Proton Radio)
cool, thanks

D-FORMATION (Beatfreak)
"Original Mix For me".

Alex Kunnari
Dowloaded for Alex Kunnari Electric Weekend @ Radio KISS Finland, Colors, Black Hole Recordings

Sergio Gomes | BREAKS lda. (BREAKS lda.)
Nice one.

DJ Lutique

Taucher (adult music / di.fm /)
Not For Me

Alexandros Djkevingr
not for me. thanx

Andi Vax
starting as hit from the past and WOW.. massive future base drop. well done!

Sanya Dymov
Super tune! Gold music)

Emran Badalov
cool vibes, thanks

Three Drives
Thanks for the send

Gianluca Romano Dj
Nice track ... downloadding tnk.

RHYTHM 86 (Rhythm 86 Internet Radio)
N9ice track

Mac-k-cee (Whiskey Pickle, Loco Records, Neurotraxx, Nostrax)
Not For Me

Nick Fiorucci | ZIP DJ
Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias /zipCAST.fm

Mono-Poly (Eresys Recording, Supermarket Records, Fever, Aenaria Recordings)
Not For Me

EP Digital Music (Label)
Not For Me

Ewan Rill (Sever)
Not For Me

Magnus Johanson (Ignite Sessions)
Some nice sounds/tracks... But, not my area / style to play out... Thax Though.

Terry Kicks (Pittsburgh BPM Record Pool)
Very Well Done. Will Support. Thank You

Riccardo Sada

Not For Me

Not For Me

DJ Nieko (Hush FM / Toymaker Music / 3rd Way Recordings)
Great track!

Indy Lopez
Not For Me

Mr. ThruouT (Celestial Recordings, HouseBeat Records)
Not For Me

Stranger Boys (Resopal Schallware/Piston Recordings/Monique Musique/Waldliebe)

Gerard Russchenberg (Club Madnezz Holland)
Very cheesy but welldone!

Nico De Ceglia
Not For Me

David Vendetta (Blackhole Records / Spinnin Records / Sony Music / Sea to Sun)
Good for me. Thanks.

Marco Carola (Music On)
downloading for marco carola, thanks

Mar She
Not For Me

dj.jmac70@gmail.com (Run614 , G.S.P. Artists Group)
i like this

Paul Nuance
good rework, but not my style

Soundkrampf (Cloud Of Silence)
Not For Me

Soundkrampf (Cloud Of Silence)
Not For Me

Van Sohl
Downloading for Van Sohl, thanks

GLB Records (GLB)
Nice dancetrack, i wil try it out

Dj Losev

Jorge Cary (Psicodelica/Bully/PPMusic/NoPRESET/Habitat/Pressure/ ·Owner in )
Not For Me

Barbara Sobel (Music Worx / Sobel Nation Radio )

Good work.

The Mogoulz
Not For Me

DJ Angola (Deckstatic, No 8, Space Ibiza NYC, 1OAk Southampton, etc.)
Not For Me

Andrew Best (Proton Radio/Perspectives Digital)
Not For Me

Mental X (Swiss National Radio SRF VIRUS)
Not For Me

Dj Sedatophobia (Compulsive Movement Mix on Deephouse-radio.com)
Not For Me

DJW Magazine (Editor)
Bueno. DJW magazine

Sean Norvis (Norvis Music)
Full support!

C_sky (Deeperfect/Lapsus Music/Diva/)
Not For Me

Riccardo Brush
Thanks for the Download...

Joseph Capriati
downloading for joseph capriati, thanks !

JORICK CROES (MBD, Structure, Syncope, Future Lovers)

Tom Leclercq (Versuz)
Not for my sets thanks

Curtis Randles (Back To The Beach Podcast, Budgies Killa-Dilla Disco)
Not For Me

Octavio Cordioli (Sensoria Records)
Not For Me

KaNa (Otographic Music /Pineapple Digital)
Really cool stuff! I will try it, thank you!

Nick Kaniak (Soundteller/ Massive Harmony/ PHW Elements)
will try

Richie Fingers (buck music group)
Not For Me

DJ Colin Hargreaves (DE Radio, The House Grind)
Not For Me

Nick Fiorucci (Hi-Bias, zipDJ)
Downloading c/o Nick Fiorucci, zipDJ / Hi-Bias /zipCAST.fm

Robbie Jay (SUEVI Records) (SUEVI Family)
nice mood :)

Jacob Singer (Bonzai,Proton Radio)
Not For Me

Chris Ward (Climax International / Beat 102 103 / Tech Fest)
Nice tracks. Downloading now Chris

Paco Osuna (Plus 8)
Will try thanks ;)

Very groovy track, will be useful on my set.

James Blond
these are WICKED mixes!

Suffused (friskyRadio | Suffused Music/Polarities, Quaint Records)

Well Done

Sergey Genevskiy (Belarus)
Sounds good but not for me


Gareth Emery (Garuda)
Not For Me

DJ Tom Keller
topppp wauuuuuuuu

Suzy Solar
Not For Me

Nice sound, good club & radio vibes !

DJ SaF (Official) (Kaleydo Records / Traktoria / Crossworlder Music)
I've to try this release in my new dj sets to get real results... Thanks anyway about this good job... Cheers, DJ SaF

Frangellico (Trippin)
Not For Me





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