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Manage your restricted community

Organise your contacts by notoriety, media type (DJ, Producer, Magazine, Blogger, Radio etc.), country and many more categories. Our sytem pre-fills your contacts info and keep them up to date.

Study the impact of your campaign with detailed reports

Find out how well your tracks are doing by following the number of plays, downloads, feedback, ratings and more.

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Expend the impact of your campaigns with our short promo videos and promo sheets generated for each releases. Impact your fan base on a daily basis with our social media tools.



Our poweferul filters allow DJs to select the music they love in just a few clicks. An algorythme also recommends them music based on their tastes and behavior.
Your promos stand out for the DJs who are most likey to love and play your releases.
If a DJ missed one of your recent promo, they can easily access your past catalogue, giving you more opportunities to get your releases played and charted.
Your music will be in the hand of your target.


Notifications show DJs how many promos are waiting for them and on which labels. They can also manage their subscriptions, favorites and have an overview of the style of the music they are receiving.
DJs have a much faster access to your promos, which increases your amount of feedback.

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